Beliefs About Money Saturday — What Leads to Wealth?

Photo by Doan Tuan on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. A typical idea in my mind is that it has to come quickly and with a big hoorah!

This is not actually the case and believing this about wealth or money can be detrimental.

How is wealth actually accumulated?

Making good decisions with Your money and resources every day.

Each and every day we have to make financial decision in our lives.

Some of those might be small.

Where to have lunch? Which grocery store to visit?

Some of them bigger.

Where to buy a home? What car to purchase, if at all?

Then there are even bigger ones.

Which stock do I buy? How much I put aside to invest with? What can I do now to make more money?

The sum of all those decisions equals Your wealth.

And we tend to focus on the big ones. Which is understandable because they have magical allure to provide us with the freedom we so desperately crave for.

Financial freedom.

But what we tend to forget is that in order to get to those bigger things. Where to invest? Which house to buy? We have to make good decision with those smaller things as well.

How much time and effort I put into looking at my finances each month? How much am I spending on things I don’t need? Where am I having lunch?

When we start to master those places we will have excess to do those bigger things.

Or in other words, we will have more money to invest.

If You have more money to invest, then the probability that You will eventually become financially free rises exponentially.

So, the road to financial abundance starts with making good decisions daily. No matter how big or small. But don’t disregard the small ones, they might be the ones that lead You to Your big ones.

Ian Altosaar

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