The Attachment to Beliefs

There are many thoughts and beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs have lives of their own. They get taken over by social circles, groups. It turns into group think. “The feeler” community believes that “all we need to do is feel” and disregard everything else. “The heart” community believes that all we require is “be in … Read more

“I’ve had too much sex with too many men”

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant. “Are You afraid that You are a slut?” I asked. She was quiet but the uncomfortable sensation was rising. “Yes” she replied after a tiny pause. “So, You didn’t enjoy any of the events that led You to believe … Read more

“If I don’t have money/possessions I’m not lovable!” Beliefs about money revealed with astrology

Working on projects that You don’t really like just for financial reasons? Over working Yourself to the ground? Tired, unhappy, and empty inside no matter how much money or possessions You have? There’s a high probability that You have a hidden belief within Your consciousness that is keeping You stuck in constant fear. In this … Read more

Who and what are Gatekeepers? And how mastering them can benefit You in life?

Every time You get a “big” career opportunity You sabotage Yourself by thinking of bullshit excuses why You can’t do it? A romantic interest finally presents itself and wants to take things further, and You panic, think of some reasons why they are not “right for You”? All the while being jealous of others for … Read more

“No good men/women out there!” — How Your lack mentality from childhood is creating Your reality

Wanted to record this video for a while now. Finally had the chance, even had to stop the car because the inspiration hit me hard. I see this a lot with men and women, complaining about the opposite sex. When very often it’s actually the judgments and experiences from childhood that are keeping (and have … Read more