Beyond the Boss Bitch Persona: Women’s Innate Yearning for Family

Behind the confident facade of the Boss Bitch Persona, many women grapple with a deep-rooted desire for a life filled with family and nurturing moments. Our modern culture, which values dominance and self-reliance, often overshadows this innate yearning. Dive into the nuanced world of today’s ambitious women, exploring the delicate balance they strive for between career success and personal fulfilment.

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What the “Boss Bitches” are saying in private

Boss Bitch Persona

All the “Boss Bitches” I’ve had the opportunity to speak to privately or most of them (I have permission to share) – have admitted to me that they actually want to have children and be more tender as well as nurturing in their lives.

I mostly get why women are hardened these days (not to say becoming men) – our modern dominance-based culture does that to humans. Everyone is competing for survival, for power, for status – to be better than the other humans next to them.

And past hurts, disappointments, and even letdowns with men don’t help.

So women in many ways have to take the initiative and become “Boss Bitches”. It seems there’s no other way for them to survive this cruel and lonely existence.

The Truth About Boss Bitches

Boss Bitch Persona

But inside every “Boss Bitch” there’s a gentle and loving woman who yearns to care for their families. This is just nature. Neither women nor men can fight it.

This is extremely hard for modern women to admit because they have been taught by the feminist movement that “there’s more to them than just giving birth to babies”.

And “Go get that cheddar, You deserve it!”

Of course – everyone deserves to get paid and live a good life on this planet. But it doesn’t mean that we should completely forget who we are and go against our nature!

The Dark Side of the Boss Bitches

Boss Bitch Persona

The sad part about this is that women inside their heads and minds tell themselves stories about this.

“I’ll just focus on my career and will show them!” while being deeply in pain and depressed that they haven’t started a family yet.

“I don’t need to have children, it’s fine. {insert some role model} didn’t have children, look at her! I’ll be just like her.” Unfortunately for most women, the feminist movement hasn’t done them good with role models as well.

On and on.

Many times during my consultations it takes a while to get to the root cause of the issue. Or for them to admit that they truly want to start a family.

We jostle and dance around the fact for a while. Sometimes it can be unhappiness, depression, or some other psychological issue that they are facing.

But when we eventually get to the point of “But okay, what do YOU want here?” the floodgates start to open.

Simply admitting that they want to start a family, have children, and be feminine – is truly terrifying for some women. There’s shame attached to it because it has been made wrong by the feminist movement. Or their life experiences.

The Main Beliefs of Boss Bitches Regarding Starting a Family

Boss Bitch Persona

I’ve put together a list of the main beliefs that Boss Bitches have around children, starting a family, and being a more nurturing woman in this hardened culture of ours.

Maybe You will recognise Yourself in this.

  • There are no good men out there to start a family with.”
  • “I can’t trust anyone to provide and take care of me materially as well as financially.”
  • “I only attract losers.”
  • “I need to focus on my career and become dominant in the world.” I’ve asked many women this, it turns out that they don’t want this at all. They just “think” they want this. And that they “should” want this.
  • “It’s wrong to want this.” You would be surprised at how many women really think this!

What’s Next For Boss Bitches?

Boss Bitch Persona

But the gist is that they are hurting inside and deeply disappointed the older they get.

Eventually turning bitter and cold.

Age is something that is constantly moving against them or biology. This adds even more pressure and some give up completely.

This is everyone’s choice and we do have free will in this experience so You can very well do that.

If You start to believe something strongly figure out if it’s really You or someone else.

Or Your past experiences that make You believe that.

Ask the simple question – all bullshit aside, what do I really want?

Boss Bitch Persona

And don’t let Yourself get distracted by stories of “But yes I want it but I don’t believe I can get it. Or that it’s wrong!”

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