BTC astrological overview for 21.02–28.02.2021

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Not financial advice, only data. Trading is a highly risky endeavor, stay safe out there.

We have lots going on for BTC personal aspect-wise. The week starts off with Venus sextile radix Vertex on 23.02.2021.

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We can see from the data that this suggests that the week at least starts in green.

On Tuesday we have two transits becoming exact, Sun sextile Mars, and Venus semi-square Sun. The data is as follows.

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And Venus Sun connection.

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Still the data suggests more upside.

As the week progresses, we find an interesting one on Wednesday, Venus conjunct Venus.

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Although some of the recent years have seen a large upside, the overall probability isn’t so much to the upside as we might expect. The good thing here is that there have been no big downturns during this aspect. One placement that allows us to consider a long trade certainly.

Busy days on Thursday and Friday, in total 6 aspects. Venus sextile Vesta, Mercury semi-square Vertex, Venus sextile Pluto, Vesta sesquiquadrate Vesta, Mars quincunx Vertex, Jupiter semi-square Pluto. And we end the week with South node sesquiquadrate Vesta and North node semi-square Vesta. The data is as follows.

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Was expecting more from Venus and Vesta in a sextile.

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Interesting one here with the Mercury semi-square Vertex. We can see a huge spike during 2020 November.

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Quite a dangerous one here with Venus sextile Pluto. A bit up and down for my taste to trade it.

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I kind of like this one. More upside probability than down. Just what I’m looking for.

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I like this even more. Mars quincunx Vertex is looking good.

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Had higher hopes for Jupiter and Pluto in a semi-square but only 3 examples.

No data available for the node connections, the end of the week is unknown from the perspective of the natal chart and transiting aspects.

To summarize, we have a nice opportunity for a long trade from the beginning of the week. Timing should be decided with technical analysis. As well as entry points and exits.

I didn’t add general influences from next week on purpose to see how predicting with aspects only works with BTC. Let’s see if we get a spike from Tuesday-Wednesday for a nice long.

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