Imagined perfection

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

We all move with Our perfect ideas

Perfect judgments of how things should be

But life is a constant reminder that Our judgments are imperfect at best

As we move through these “fantasy worlds” we have created for Ourselves

We only need to stop for a second to see the tragedy of Our thoughts

“Maybe this?”

“Maybe that?”

“If I’m like this, dress like this, act like that, talk like that, maybe then?”

“Maybe then I will be loved?”

“Maybe then I will be appreciated?”

“Buy this and own that?”

“Things need to be like this and that? Things aren’t ok if they are like this or that!”

“Be with that person or this person? Maybe they will complete me finally? Maybe others will like me more if I’m with him or her?”

“Have sex with her, with him? Maybe then? Have sex more, with more people? Maybe then?”

“Maybe then, maybe finally then…”

We keep on chasing this imaginary perfection while never being enough, the chase is enough to make us mad, make us unbearably sad, yet we continue onwards

What if You do everything the way You are supposed to do

And others are still too busy wrestling with their own judgments of themselves to be able to appreciate You?

No, my friend

Appreciation and love come from within

All else is just noise

Keeping You from reaching down

Down at Your core

Where love and peace reside

Pretty much side by side, close quarters

If You don’t see it yet, let Yourself fall deeper within Yourself

Until the mind stops

Stops wrestling, stops comparing, stops being not enough

Stops being lost, fighting with everyone at all cost

Until You finally become Your own host

Ian Altosaar

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