Being “spiritual” or the I am Special trap.

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You being “spiritual” or doing “spiritual” things is an illusion.

There’s only spirit. You can’t do anything other than spiritual things. Going to work is spiritual. Wiping Your ass is spiritual, as is the action before the wiping.

Going to spiritual retreats and seminars is as spiritual as anything else. And although it offers the individual an excuse to feel better and “special” about themselves, there’s nothing special about it.

You are the same as the murderers, rapists, criminals, and “not so spiritual” people who don’t “do yoga retreats”. Absolutely everything is spirit. Or spiritual.

The reason for judgment towards others comes from the lack of self-worth and unseen places in Your consciousness. (This applies to everything, not only “spirituality” or “spiritual retreats”). It’s easier to judge others and feel better about Yourself than truly looking at Yourself. And although the retreats and seminars offer an opportunity to grow, the experiences and things learned there don’t give the excuse to judge others (I know, I step into the “special” trap constantly, that’s why I’m able to write and speak about this, making this mistake myself).

The solution is giving more attention to Yourself, and more and more. Until You think You are “kind of clingy”. You know that type of boyfriend or girlfriend who is emotionally really needy. That’s when it’s probably enough.

And another way You can see if it’s enough, You stop judging others for whatever it is that they do or don’t do. Or thinking You are better than they are because You can “meditate on a mountain top” or some shit. Or “do the downward-facing dog” or “read energy” (which again is great but doesn’t make You more special than others).

Try having a mundane conversation about the weather with Your neighbor and see how “spiritual” You truly are.

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