Celebrities with 22 degrees Mars in the Natal Chart

I previously wrote about the infamous 22 degrees here. That post explains why the 22nd degree is so famous and why it’s even essential. I covered the 22nd-degree Venus in this post right here. I took it one step further this time with celebrities with 22 degrees Mars in the natal chart. And to spice it up a notch, I only looked at stars who have their Mars in the sign of Scorpio and 22 degrees.

You will see in a second why!

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What are Mars and Scorpio in real life?

And no, I’m not talking about the candy bar.

Every planet and sign has its specific meanings. Some are more gruesome than others.

Mars and Scorpio are quite heavy in that regard.

So what are they and why is it important in the context of the 22 degrees?

Mars and Scorpio represent:

  • Murder.
  • Blood.
  • Death.
  • Killing.
  • Cutting.
  • Sharp objects, knives.
  • Guns.
  • Violence and aggression.
  • Accidents.

Among other things.

I believe it is now clear why they are important regarding the “to kill or to be killed” 22 degree.

Alyssa Milano

The famous actress has the 22 degrees represented twice in the natal chart!

I personally remember Alyssa Milano from that Blink 182 video back in the 90s which made my teenage years less miserable but what about her connection to the “kill or be killed” degree?

I managed to find some reports of her being in a car accident. This already counts, I will explain why.

When I did my first research into the 22nd degree, I also asked a forum of people who are interested in astrology, what are their experiences with the degree.

Many of the people who answered said they were always close to death or extremely closely associated with it.

In this case, I will count the unfortunate car accident Alyssa was in as a 0.5-point confirmation towards the 22nd degree meaning “to kill or to be killed”.

What else happened in her life?

These reports mention a sexual (also Scorpio and Mars) assault (again Mars) that Alyssa experienced in her late teens or young adult years.

So far the 22 degrees in Scorpio is playing out quite fiercely.

To make things even worse, she experienced a second sexual assault at 24. I must say that, in this particular case, 22 degrees Mars in Scorpio lives up to the dark and nasty “hype”.

Let’s also note that 22-degree Uranus is in her natal chart for future articles.

Hunter S. Thompson

The late writer and journalist only has the 22-degree once in his natal chart.

I have to warn You, this is one of the most literal and direct manifestations of the 22 “to kill or be killed” degree.

One of the reports I found about Hunter was a brutal beating when he fell out with the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang around 1965.

But he also took his own life (to kill) by shooting (Mars) himself in the head (Mars represents the head).

From Wikipedia:

At 5:42 pm on February 20, 2005, Thompson died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head at Owl Farm, his “fortified compound” in Woody Creek, Colorado.


I have to say, as hard as it is to read these stories, so far Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees is proving the “to kill or be killed” theory right.

But let us investigate further.

The next examples that I will share don’t have the EXACT birth time. But for looking at everything through the lens of Mars, it’s fine because Mars moves slowly.

Mary J. Blige

I noticed that the Moon is also at 22 degrees in the chart but no accurate birth data so take this with a grain of salt.

The famous RnB singer has had a hell of a career with hits like Family Affair and many others. But what about her connection to the 22nd degree?

It is reported that she had a difficult childhood while growing up in a broken home.

“I saw so many women beaten to death, almost to their death, by men.”

Read More: https://www.grunge.com/758858/tragic-details-about-mary-j-blige/?utm_campaign=clip

She was also reportedly assaulted by one of her ex-boyfriends around 2002.

Luckily Mary made it out of those experiences and has so far “kicked the butt” of the “to kill or be killed” 22 degrees Mars in Scorpio.

But I must say, Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees seems a more potent representation of the energy than just any other planet.

One more example! What about a younger one?

Nicholas Hoult

I purposefully wanted to research someone younger to see if something dramatic has already happened in their life.

Nicholas Hoult, the UK-born movie star has quite the chart! Would also love some of that Jupiter in Cancer in mine…

But what about his Mars at 22 degrees in Scorpio, how has it played out so far in his quite short life? He is in his 30s.

Not many reports. But here’s one accident involving a bus.

There was also this, celebrity hoax that claimed that some stars were dead but in reality, they weren’t. The same trick also influenced Mary J. Blige, our heroin with also the Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees.

I must say, luckily, Nicholas has escaped the infamous “to kill or be killed” degree. Even with his Mars in Scorpio.

Hopefully, he will keep it that way…

Summary of Mars at 22 degrees in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees did not disappoint!

When I began this research I did expect to find at least some proof that there’s a connection between Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees and “to kill or to be killed”.

The configuration didn’t disappoint. And from all the planets (and signs) Mars and Scorpio should be the ones which are most associated with the negative meaning. Thus, also manifest in the real world as accidents, near-death experiences, or like in the case of Hunter S. Thompson, shooting Yourself in the head with a gun.

But I also want to add that it never guarantees anything bad to happen to You. Even with Mars and Scorpio together at 22 degrees. Remember the example with Nicholas!

So if You are freaking out reading this and discovered You have Mars in Scorpio at 22 degrees, know that it can just be minor accidents here and there. Or even small non-accidents…Again, it doesn’t GUARANTEE “to kill or to be killed”.

Until next time.

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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