Celebrities with 22 degrees Venus in the chart

In this blog post, I previously wrote about the 22 degrees and celebrities with 22 degrees in the natal chart. This time it’s celebrities with 22 degrees Venus in the chart!

I wanted to dig deeper and see if we could find more people with the 22nd degree. And what is their connection to “to kill or be killed”? Just FYI, I kept the house cusp degrees out this time and only chose whole sign charts with planets at 22 degrees. I chose the planet Venus – You will see why in the second paragraph.

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Jeffrey Dahmer

The natal chart of the Milwaukee Cannibal has many prominent 22 degrees examples.

As the Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer has brought up strong reactions (and understandably so), I decided to peak into his astrology as well. I can’t say I was surprised to find the infamous 22 degrees in his natal chart.

Not only is Venus at 22 degrees (to kill or be killed) but it’s in the 8th house of crime, murder, killing, and criminal activity (among other things). This can explain some of the hideous crimes he committed.

Furthermore, I found the Lunar nodes at 22 degrees. The North node especially is in the 12th house of behind-the-scenes activity. I’ve seen the 12th house prominent or highlighted in other people’s charts that also are into criminal endeavours. The 8th and the 12th house both represent that field.

In this specific case, the thesis introduced by the late and great Nikola Stojanovic does hold up.

Also, notice the sign. Venus is in Taurus (strong placement for Venus).

Jessie J

The famous UK-born singer has 22 degrees all over the chart!

Jessie J’s chart is running rampant with the 22 degrees! I did my best to dig into her life and to see if there were any connections or news about her either showing aggression towards others. Or others showing aggression towards her. Not that I know of.

The only big thing was a car crash in 2020. From everything I know about it = nobody was trying to kill her. So it doesn’t qualify under the 22 degrees of “to kill or to be killed”. And she survived, thank God!

Let’s hope the 22 degrees doesn’t activate in her chart, and it shows that having the configuration in the chart doesn’t guarantee “kill or to be killed”.

Again Venus in Taurus!

Audrey Hepburn

I did my best to pick the more famous and well-known examples. One of the greats, Audrey Hepburn has 22 degrees represented in the chart.

Although, I don’t particularly put Juno on top of my list of “astrological configurations to check 100%”, Audrey does have it in the 10th house at 22 degrees. Definitely worth mentioning. But!

Venus is again at 22 degrees and this time Aries. What do I know about “kill or to be killed in her life”?

Not much is the short answer. There are NO reports of her being a suspect in a murder case or even her life threatened by the infamous 22 degrees. She did live a dangerous life in her early youth. Working for the Resistance against the Nazis.

But I found no direct reports of her life being in immediate danger because of that hazardous occupation. Another example of the 22 degrees not entirely working as expected. I might argue that “she was close to death” (one case that has been made for the 22 degrees) in the Resistance but that’s pretty much it.

She died at the age of 63 of cancer.

Nat King Cole

The chart of the late singer Nat King Cole offers us an interesting conundrum. The mystery deepens.

I chose this example for our last because it hides a peculiar, or considering the meaning of the 22 degrees, not so peculiar event from Nat’s life.

Quoted from Wikipedia.

In 1956 Cole was assaulted on stage during a concert in Birmingham, Alabama, with the Ted Heath Band while singing the song “Little Girl”. The three assailants ran down the aisles of the auditorium towards Cole. Local law enforcement quickly ended the invasion of the stage, but in the ensuing mêlée Cole was toppled from his piano bench and received a slight injury to his back. He did not finish the concert. A fourth member of the group was later arrested. All were tried and convicted. Six men, including 23-year-old Willie Richard Vinson, were formally charged with assault with intent to murder him, but later the charge against four of them was changed to conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour. The original plan to attack Cole included 150 men from Birmingham and nearby towns.

I believe “with intent to murder him” does fall under the category of “to kill or be killed”. Luckily Nat escaped the event almost unhurt.

He died shortly after a tumour was discovered in his lungs.

Summary of celebrities with 22 degrees Venus in the chart

I managed to find one extremely prominent “proof” of the 22 degrees is the degree of “to kill or to be killed”. But as I showed You in my previous blog it doesn’t guarantee it!

Even Nat King Cole who had both Saturn and Venus at 22 degrees escaped the so-called “close call” event in his life.

In my next post, I will take a look at the connection between Mars at 22 degrees and “to kill or be killed”.

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