Am I Clairvoyant?

I see many people struggle with their Clair abilities. Clairvoyance is not different. I used to struggle a lot with it as well. Thought I was crazy, then when into the other extreme of “I can’t see anything.” Finally, I had to see one of my mentors to get confirmation of the question, “Am I Clairvoyant?”

I already wrote about this subject briefly here and here. But it’s time to really dig deep and dissect what it means to be Clairvoyant in real-life.

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First steps to understand if You are Clairvoyant

Knowing if You are Clairvoyant doesn’t really involve owning or getting a crystal ball. You can get one but it doesn’t make You Clairvoyant…

Clairvoyance can take many forms but I will list some more common things that will give You an understanding if You have Clairvoyance.

  • If You close Your eyes, images start running. Sometimes confusing, sometimes very clear. This happens even more clearly if You ask a question before You close Your eyes.
    • Sometimes we ask these questions unknowingly or even subconsciously. And then the answers are shown to us in images, visions, or at times even like a video.
    • Very often it’s almost like a riddle to put the pieces together. I’ve gotten frustrated many times with the visions that are shown to me. But asking Your helpers to make it more clear is important.
    • This is easier to practice in the dark or alone at first. Before bed is a good example.
  • A lot of Clairvoyants don’t even need to close their eyes. I personally use both. Eyes closed and sometimes I get shown images, videos (or what I can call videos), pictures, or even what I can call “art pieces”. It is then left to me to put the pieces together.
  • Sometimes the things You see are like video game graphics, other times it is as clear as day.
  • Constant feeling of deja vu. I often find myself living through things I was shown about my own life. The sensation or the realization is quite weird at first but it is actually a confirmation of Your abilities and proof that it works!

Why do people even doubt their Clairvoyant ability?

This lady seems to have full trust in her capabilities. High probability that she was supported in her childhood by her parents to explore more of these gifts.

In my line of work, I meet people with abilities constantly. Many of them deny or hide these gifts.

It all starts in our childhood. The scenario is as follows:

  1. We have a vision or we see something.
  2. We go to our parents and share it.
  3. They get scared because of what society and others will think and say something along the lines of “Oh honey, it’s just Your imagination!”
  4. Later on in life, the gifted child who is now an adult doesn’t know how to trust it. When the child is first displaying these traits = these should be encouraged. As well as questions should be asked about what they are shown.
  5. And even later in life, this turns into the entire society (It’s just Your imagination, yeah right…). It is true, our society is becoming more open to these matters. But if You look around how many people who share these visions openly are still ridiculed = I’m not surprised that people suppress and hide the gifts.

A lot of the time, I’m sitting there in my consultations with a person and they are just sharing how they are having their visions and how they see the future.

There’s a reason for that, and why it happens so much.

Clairvoyant people don’t have anywhere really to go to. Most people around them ridicule or shame them. At the very least constantly doubt what they are saying even if they have proof.

Having gone through that myself = I know how hard that stings.

Real-life examples of Clairvoyance

I kept seeing trees burning, violence, and aggression. I didn’t exactly see the place or people involved precisely. It was hard to take it all in because it was so much. Fear gripped me each time. But I was still shown images and situations I could only attach to the war situation between Russia and Ukraine.

As people were talking about it “ending quickly and it will be over soon” I was shown something else entirely. And as I’m writing this on the 3rd of October 2022, the conflict is still ongoing approximately 7,5 months later.

At times, I’ve seen hard things. Painful things. People breaking up but not being able to say it to them.

It’s not going to be only sitting in a circle all dressed in white linen and chanting “Kum Ba Yah”

But I’ve also seen optimistic things. Matters that will take at least 15-20 years to come to fruition (or more). Here’s an example of that:

Here’s an example of a different Clairvoyant vision.

I’ve also been shown flooding of bigger cities in the world but I will keep the names to myself because I don’t yet have a timeline for this. I was just shown that it will happen.

The point here is if You are going to use Your Clairvoyant gifts = be prepared to see more “difficult things” as well.

One fun example from my own recent times = I was shown an elevator and a stethoscope. I said these things out loud to the person and added the words “elevator doctor”. Later on, they shared with me that they had just started communicating with a man who was in fact a person who repaired elevators! I love that type of proof.

How can You practice Your abilities?

Soon enough You will be like this lady…

I just want to say to start this off = it takes time and lots of it. Give it to Yourself.

Here’s my list of things You can do on Your own to improve Your Clairvoyant abilities:

  • Start writing Your experiences and visions down = this way You can prove to Yourself later that “I truly am a Clairvoyant”. I still do this, less now but with the bigger ones I always write them down as precisely as possible.
  • In quiet moments, close Your eyes and let things be shown to You. I also like to ask questions like “What does this mean?” or “Why are You showing me this?” Later, I write some of what I deem important down. After a while, You don’t even have to close Your eyes. You can just see.
  • Reach out to mentors. This was extremely tricky for me personally. I didn’t find a teacher I could trust. They all seemed to do “weird” things after we had been working together. Take Your time, I personally did. The right people will come.
  • Join like-minded groups. Here’s one that I’m personally part of that really opened my awareness. And I got (still getting) a lot of practice out of it weekly.
  • Find people who appreciate Your gifts. Or at the very least = don’t shame them. It will be easier to develop it. Please remember = You can’t shut it off 100%, it is a part of who You are!
  • Start to think about symbolism and do research about it. I find it to be crucial because the images I get shown sometimes at first don’t make sense at all.
  • Notice moments where You start to see something but You suppress it quickly as “It’s just my imagination”. Start letting that go.


I haven’t really found easy and quick solutions when it comes to Clairvoyant abilities and “owning” them. It has taken me years and years to perfect them. And it will take many more to get better. It is a life-long adventure, and it keeps on getting weirder and weirder…

I do recommend slowing down with this. Very often I want it faster, and now! But the opposite is true in most cases.

Happy CLEAR seeing!

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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