Changes in Industries. Through the Example of Astrology and Uranus in Taurus.

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Every business will die eventually. As it should.

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem. When that problem is solved the business should die or evolve.

The problem in our current society is that businesses create problems in order to solve them. Because evolving is hard work and expensive. And letting go is extremely painful and hard. Imagine working for something and building something You love with Your entire being, imagine it turn to dust rapidly. Excruciatingly painful.

What would happen to the pharmaceutical industry if everyone in the world was at the very least, relatively healthy?

It would collapse in a second.

What would happen to the beauty industry if everyone realized their worth regardless of their looks? Or they would accept themselves as they are?

It would collapse in an instant.

What about the self-help industry? Would it even exist if everyone was content with themselves?

Probably not.

But as of now, we are broken, lost, devoid of meaning and we need other people to show us the way. For now.

The list goes on and on.

Porn industry? Nightlife industry? Alcohol industry? Drug industry?

These are moments away from crumbling down. We are the only ones who are keeping them alive. In a way, they are a decision away from being torn down and replaced by something else. We give it energy; we give it power.

One of the biggest issues we face with this problem is that we are scared of the emptiness in between the old and the new. As it should scare us. We have to reach for new things, new meaning, grow past our childish, only going for pleasure ways. A tall order.

One of the reasons I write about this is that during the next seven years there will be huge shifts in many industries I mentioned above.

How Uranus, the planet of innovation, quick changes and truth will affect some Taurus ruled industries?

One of the biggest changes will be with the financial industry. It will be obvious how broken it is, and something that is slightly better (cryptocurrency = Uranus, Taurus = financial system) will come at its place.

Businesses will die and new ones will be born. How people across different industries are rewarded for their efforts will come to the surface. A massive crisis is a possibility. Not to say, inevitable.

One of the parts of this will be the inequality between classes. It will become so evident that this can’t go on any longer and changes have to be made. Either it will become so uncomfortable for the lower classes that they need to demand and protest for change. Or the higher classes will realize this and will make some changes themselves.

The truth about this matter will come out in the open and will be resolved in one way or another. There is a chance that both parties will initiate the change themselves and the solution to this matter will be somewhere in the middle. As always, humans will be the ones deciding this.

Another thing to mention here is that the inner tension about the inequality will become so great it will start leaking into physical reality. This can look like protests and demanding equal pay within larger groups. Or on a more personal level, it will look like “I know I’m worth more and I will ask for more”. Tensions between groups will arise from this. But hopefully, we can all come together and develop a better system of distributing resources.

The beauty (Taurus) industry will go through radical (Uranus) transformation, as it should. It is truly time for this. How we look, approach and what we think about beauty will be innovated dramatically. Natural beauty will be preferred over the fake one. And natural beauty products will be preferred.

How we treat nature (Taurus), the land we live on, how we preserve nature. This is one of the biggest and most painful topics of them all. It will get so extreme (Uranus rules extremes), so uncomfortable that we will be forced to change our ways. Extremists who are willing to do crazy things in the protection of nature will come to the surface. Which can be a good thing if they do their best to speak the truth and not twist the facts in their favor. But we will see this regardless. They will justify it to themselves from the perspective of “the situation being so dire” and do it anyway. Important to find the actual truth in this. And not go for the things that are only emotionally charged with no real evidence behind it.

Along with these themes, also the food industry. How we grow it, how we eat it, how we interact with it, where we grow it, how we reward the people doing it. It will all change. Real food will replace fake food.

The music industry. I’m betting on many news shedding light on it, how it truly is, and what changes need to happen in that industry. This could mean how artists are compensated, how music is made. Innovations in what way it is made, how it’s distributed to humans. What music truly is will come to light. And how it affects humans.

Innovations in all of these areas will happen and are truly needed.

The truth about where we are and what is truly happening in all these industries will see the light of day.

It is as always, our choice which path, we take. The path of suffering or the path of purposefully changing our ways. Knowing the human race, it will be through the first one. Regardless of this choice, these changes will happen.

How to prepare for this?

Let go and prepare to change Your ways, the way You approach things. Big, massive changes are coming.

It is almost impossible to truly and fully prepare for this because knowing Uranus it will shake things up dramatically in all of these areas. We have no ability to exactly know what is going to happen.

If You work in some of these industries it will affect You even more. Best to understand where You are holding on to old habits and ways of doing things that are no longer working. And to start moving towards a new direction that is in service of humanity (Uranus rules the collective, the group = what is in service of the greater good will survive and thrive. What is not will start to crumble).

The negative side of Uranus in Taurus and how it could manifest in our society?

Extremes. Extremes in all of these areas that I already mentioned.

Going to extremes with enjoying the five senses (Taurus.) This can mean food. You can literally go towards too much enjoyment. And then justify it to Yourself. The good thing here is that it will get so uncomfortable, the tension within Your being will be so great, that in the end, You will understand that You are going too far and start making changes.

Of course, the extreme here (the total extreme) can be gluttony. With food, with finances, with beautiful things, with nature. We have to understand that going through extremes is only necessary when we are not mindful of the energy that is surrounding us. And if we are aware of this (the tendency to go into extremes) we at the very least have the ability to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Ian Altosaar

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