Freedom in Relationships

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

I would like to start this one off from a place of admitting that the following came to me after seeing my own wrongdoings in relationship. I do not claim to be perfect, I mess up with this all the time. These are observations for the curious ones the be used in their own search for freedom.

Relationships don’t answer to Your imaginations of them.

They are what they are.

Mostly they are full of emotions.

And emotions cannot be some checklist from a coaching session or Cosmopolitan.

Emotions are fluid, they run wild sometimes.

They need to be felt and expressed.

Just like a relationship.

They don’t answer to control or manipulation.

They answer to nurture and presence.

Just like relationships.

Mind fucking Yourself to think that a relationship can be just as You want it to be is one of the craziest thoughts of all.

That essentially means that You believe that You can control another human being to act just like You want to at all times.

Not possible or actually desired.

Because relationships are about growth more than anything.

And if the growing stops, so does the relationship.

Freedom, presence, and desire are things that nurture a relationship.

Control, fear, and manipulation destroy it.

Ian Altosaar

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