Does It Really Matter?

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Today is a day to feel empty, to be comfortable with the knowing that it sometimes really doesn’t matter.

 And we are the ones who make it matter, in our minds. In our wild stories of success and happiness.

 Meaning, depth, memories, rules, stories.

Some describe this feeling of nothingness or emptiness as unbearable, I can now see this is somewhat the only place where You can see clearly.

Everything else is just bullshit.

Made up stories of specialness, mostly to mask the feeling of nothingness.

The fact that we don’t matter.

Why is it so hard to accept the fact that we honestly might not matter at all?

Because that’s our entire identity.

That would go through the window.

Then we might finally truly be happy or rather, just be. A scary concept for some. Including me.

Ian Altosaar

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