Dream Healing

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The concept of dream healing came to me quite spontaneously about 5 years ago. Obviously back then I didn’t know it was dream healing or even what exactly was going on. Still figuring that one out.

I had started writing down my dreams regularly. It is a practice I recommend to everyone who wants to get a better understanding of themselves and this vast universe around us.

It started in a dream state or what I chose to call a dream state. It has come to my awareness that these states are actually different dimensions of reality. I suddenly started feeling these immensely strong and powerful waves of energy coming at me and going through my body. At the same time, a voice I did not recognize was speaking to me in English (not my native language). The energy was so strong that I got scared, that’s the time I entered back to my body and laid as still as I possibly could while the energy and the voice continued on. I could not make a lot of the voice at the time because I was so concentrated on the powerful forces flowing through me and I could not remember anything in the morning as well. Still a little sad about that part.

I woke up the next day with a certain kind of spunk in my step and with an energy I had not experienced before. A little afraid and very excited at the same time. A tremendous combination…

It is here I must mention that I had just visited a reiki healer and dove deep into healing, self-development work.

These types of dreams continued with different variations. Sometimes I felt the energy more strongly on my throat and sometimes the voice was different. Sometimes I had an emotional experience, for example with one of my parents or friends. I woke up in tears and with a sense of relief that I did not believe to be possible.

After these types of dreams or experiences, I felt much better, like a weight had been lifted. Something that had been with me for a long time had now moved on. Mostly I believe it was grief or sadness of some kind that was too deep to be experienced in real life. Other times it seemed like I was healed by outside forces. Helpers of some kind. I still don’t exactly know who they are. But they seemed friendly and helpful.

Why is this important and how can one practice this themselves?

It is important because I believe this is one of the most powerful things, to be able to heal oneself. Without getting help from others on this material plane. It has the possibility to empower a person who might feel like a victim of their circumstance. There is power to be found here.

Specific things You can do right now on Your own:

  1. See a psychiatrist, shaman, coach, guide etc. Look for someone who You can trust. Get to know their material, what they are about before seeing them. Start the outward healing so to speak. NB! This obviously is not mandatory but this can get the ball rolling. If You don’t have the resources at the moment then just skip to step two.
  2. Do some shadow work on Your own. Byron Katie’s process the work is a great one You can by Yourself. Just google Byron Katie, and it’s free as well.
  3. By now some things have started to move. You might be breaking apart, life might seem either meaningless or totally meaningful. It is very hard to say. Now comes the actual dreaming part and practices to do before sleep. For some of You who have started therapy of some kind, these healing dreams might have already started.
  4. Things to do before bed. Keep a journal close to You. I use my phone because it’s really good to analyze and read what I’ve dreamt when I’m on the move or traveling etc. Just use some kind of a dimming app for the screen itself. Much better for the eyes. When You wake up from a dream write everything down as soon as You possibly can.
  5. I also say a prayer. The contents of this can vary and who You say Your prayer to is of Your own choosing. Make sure You set a clear intention of what it is that You want to happen. For example “Dear God, Angels, Universe etc, please show me what is needed for my highest good.” Or You can go even firmer “Dear God, please show me what is hidden in my subconsciousness so I can move on and live a more full life.” Play around with this and really find what suits You personally. Remember, this is about You. And I don’t mean it in a narcissistic kind of way. Just make it something You Yourself feel connected to. NB! A word of caution here, intentions that are meant are powerful forces of energy. They can play out in various ways. All that You see, feel, experience might not be to Your liking. This is an intense practice that needs to be approached with reverence and integrity. This can take time and practice.
  6. After that just fall asleep and let the magic happen. Although I do take a lighter tone when writing about this, I really want to emphasize to take this all very seriously. Many creatures, beings out there in other realms and we don’t know a lot about them. We really have to learn as we go. Tread carefully my friends, and remember the worst thing that can happen to You is that You die. That’s it. I can already feel the freedom in that. Onwards!

I wish You many freeing dreams on Your journey. May You be blessed with new insights and knowledge.

Ian Altosaar


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