The Cosmic Adults – Weekly Astro/Intuitive Overview for March 27 – April 2, 2022

In this week’s episode: We give the best advice, EVER! Age and how generations should learn from each other. Limp Bizkit, and their hit song Nookie. Chiron and the deepest wound. The overall weekly energetic influences. Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a webinar with me: Get my book here : For a personal consultation contact me … Read more

Cosmic Adults – Interview with Joe Greenland (The Cosmic Dad)

Feeling stuck in life?  The mainstream healing methodologies don’t help anymore? Believe everything is just tangible and material? Think energy healing, psychic communication is just a bunch of bullsh*t? In this episode we open up the sometimes invisible (or invisible to some) world of energy and healing with our Spiritual Dad Joe Greenland. Covered in … Read more

The Defining Moments In Our Lives – Interview With a Psychic Energy Healer

In this video, I sit down with my good friend and co-host of our Cosmic Adults podcast Mercedes to dissect some of the defining moments we have in our lives. Feel like You are living a life that is not authentic to You? Waking up with hangovers but deep down feel like You need to … Read more

A Conversation About Energy Clearing And Healing With Medicine Man Joe Greenland

I recently recorded an interview with one of my mentors Joe Greenland about energy clearing, healing, connection to ourselves, and what actually happens during a session of energy clearing. As the connection to other realms of existence is getting stronger and people are opening up, we need help and wisdom from people who have experiences … Read more

Pluto Square And/Or Opposition Moon. Or From Emotional Manipulation To Emotional Power.

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay The following article will explain the meaning of the difficulty of the hard aspects between Moon and Pluto. Or Pluto square and opposition with the Moon. This applies to a native that has these aspects natally or by transit. The bringer of transformation and death Pluto is most probably the … Read more


Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash Sometimes healing can be thought of as understanding or seeing Your own thoughts more clearly. Meaning, You can see the way You think and Your beliefs about what the reality of the situation is. And that can bring more freedom to Your life. For example. If You have believed that You are … Read more

Dream Healing

Image source: The concept of dream healing came to me quite spontaneously about 5 years ago. Obviously back then I didn’t know it was dream healing or even what exactly was going on. Still figuring that one out. I had started writing down my dreams regularly. It is a practice I recommend to everyone who … Read more

The Trust

Image source: I don’t trust a lot of people with my heart and mind It’s been broken too many times Before and after The taste of it is enough to make me blind To see the real intentions of people Is it selfless what they are after? Or selfish? Can it be both? For … Read more