The Path Yet Unknown

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Darkness follows the path yet unknown
It reappears and it’s gone
And it seems like we have nothing to show for it
Go ahead, go for it

The sweetest and cruelest lover
Time with it under the covers
Will leave You smothered

It reappears and it’s gone
Nobody bothers
But You are the one
Giving birth to it, like a mother

Lonely the road for creation
It’s like spending time with the mistress
Knowing that she’ll leave
And You are the one whose lonely
In the end
All shall pass
All will be destroyed
And rejoiced

Make best of Your time here
Know that You will be forgotten
And remembered
Let the knowing of it
Remind You to live a full life
And don’t take nothing for granted
Because like You
The dust of it’s memory
Is forever blowing
Through space and time

Ian Altosaar

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