Figuring Things Out

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There isn’t a single person on this planet who has everything figured out or has all the answers. We are in a constant process of figuring things out ourselves through different kinds of interactions with this reality.

For a while I’ve been on this quest, seeking to find the ultimate truth. Looking for teachers, looking within me, looking to the spiritual realm for answers. And the final all knowing truth or someone who knows absolutely everything about everything that is going on. To be brutally honest, I’ve wanted to be that person myself.

A realization happened today, it had been brewing for months I believe. This happened with the help of astronomy and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Go figure.

Astronomers have observed the sky for clues about this universe for a while now. It has lead to many discoveries and I believe none of them greater so far than this one.

This universe is always expanding.

As far as we know and what has been proven by science is that this universe started with The Big Bang. Explosion of space itself in a cosmic fire.

If You haven’t done it already, go and watch Cosmos: A space time odyssey. You will find more information about The Big Bang and the expansion of the universe there.

Why was this discovery important in my quest and exploration of this reality?

We as part of this universe are constantly expanding as well.

This means that there is nobody on this planet, in the sky or in other dimensions who knows everything about everything. We all are constantly learning and expanding ourselves. Growing and exploring.

With each moment lived, with each interaction, a new connection made, we know more.

Here comes the greatest paradox of this reality. Are You ready? It’s going to blow Your mind. Here goes.

Nobody can ever know everything because the everything we are doing our best to figure out is constantly evolving. So the minute we figure out one thing about ourselves or this reality, this reality expands. Our life and experience expands. And we have to start all over again.

There is tremendous power in this discovery I believe.

First, we can take a sigh of relief in the knowing that we cannot possibly ever figure everything out. So take it a little easier, breathe and carry on on Your journey through this great experience of ours.

Second, this makes life unbelievably interesting to live. We will always have something to do, something new to discover, to research and find out. What a place to be at!

Ian Altosaar

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