For You This Is Still A Battlefield

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I’m watching You honey
Patiently present with You
As You twist and turn
Follow up and spurn
I understand now
It’s really loud, though I hope You come around
Is this what You really want?
You seem so hurt
Burnt by the flames
Framed in our DNA
Presence has given me the gift of seeing what’s in plain sight
It’s truly alright but I’m still sad
On occasion mad or glad
To experience this with You
For this is a battlefield
But it doesn’t have to be
And I’m just a plain old lad
Waiting for this fad
To turn into golden sand
Blue lagoons where we stand
Hand by hand
Watching days turn into brand
Only a few who knew
Left standing on this battlefield
Of not so healed
Broken bodies
But blessed with an in-depth sight
Into the dark and light


Ian Altosaar

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