Good and Bad Desires? Or Neither?

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All desires are not good desires. But they are not bad. What I mean by that is that You don’t have to go towards each desire, You can choose. Choose to allow that desire to be. Because under that desire there is a need. A need to feel something. Be it freedom or security. Those, thankfully, are open for all to feel and experience.

Although it takes presence of mind, body and the soul.

So for example, if You have the desire to watch porn, the underlying want or need under that desire might be a yearning for connection and love. Or sometimes You just want to look at porn.

This can be applied to almost everything but all You need to know, and more importantly do, is get clear on what it is that You actually want or desire.

After that it’s easier, because this life wants to be our ally. We just have to cooperate with it as well. We have to be aware where energy is stuck and do our best to release it. Then we move with the universe we are apart of, not against it.

Ian Altosaar

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