How I Ruined My Thoughts With Only Thinking Like a Capitalist

Image source: Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak from Pexels

I mostly like capitalism. I like the freedom that was embedded in this system initially. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. People got too much power and started misusing that power. Nature does not like this, now things have to change. We need a new system. A mixture of capitalism and socialism.

In all actuality, we don’t need a system at all. But right now humans are very stupid. Meaning that if they don’t need to go to work then they won’t do anything. Then no houses would be built and no food will be grown. Well, at least a large portion of society is like that. Otherwise, we would have a new system already.

I will illustrate this point with an example from my own mind. To show the so-called dark side of this system we are currently in and it’s power. I’m not saying capitalism is evil, oh no. People have the capacity to make something evil or good, nice whatever.

I was pondering what I want in life, what I generally needed at the moment. Then a thought came up that I need/want some recognition. Or actually that some recognition might come my way. So at first, I was enthusiastic about it, the idea that someone out there might find something I do good or useful. And maybe they find me awesome, dedicated, hard-working, funny etc.

And then I thought well, what real value that has in the marketplace?

It’s not like I can exchange it for some goods or services. At least not at first. I can see the value in receiving a compliment. It will boost a person’s self-confidence and they will show up in the world more sure of themselves. This has the chance to provide more material resources for that very same being. But what do You actually do with it?

At that moment I was scared. Although I’ve never considered myself a “true capitalist” by any means, I’ve never considered myself a total hippie as well.

But this thought sounded more like Gordon Gecko from Wall Street. If You don’t know the reference I suggest You go watch that movie after You are done reading this article.

I was scared and a little disappointed. I had arrived at a place where I valued the actual dollar, or in my case euro, more than human interaction. And I get it, with real responsibilities in the world and the desire to create a home for my family, this is understandable.

But after a moment of being with that thought, I came to the conclusion that this is fucking insane.

I take full responsibility for that thought and the actions I take in this world. But I believe that a better way of being in a society is possible. This thought is just here to illustrate what this system is capable of. And how easily it will change a person’s true nature if that human is without awareness of their thoughts.

I personally think that thinking like this and even worse, acting accordingly will create havoc in our society. But then again there’s a lot of truth in that statement at this moment we are living at.

Curious to hear Your thoughts about this.

So what do You really do with a compliment in today’s marketplace? And even more so, do we need a new system to distribute resources more equally?

Ian Altosaar

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