Some Days

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On some days
You won’t do much
You will get up and try
And You will fall down and fail miserably
Don’t kid Yourself
This will happen more often than You’d like

These are days for getting to know Yourself
On a much deeper level
You will want to try
And move things along faster
But You can’t
The energy just isn’t there

The weariest of You might now be asking
So What do I do?

Take a real good look at Yourself
You see Your mind is poisoned with thoughts of success and false realities where value is derived from only material progression

This is the actual cause we suffer
It isn’t the desires themselves
It is how we approach them

Doing these things is mostly good
But when the energy is elsewhere
It is time to look within
Even if it’s for a little while

The discoveries You will make there
Will let Your outer experience move along faster
Even on some occasions
More pleasantly

Move Your attention to Your body
And breathe
One breath at a time
Until You get through the pain
To the very core of Your own inner being

This will at first take more time
Practice and falling down
The falling down part will hurt like hell
It’s supposed to
To get those ideas You are so sure are serving You
Into a more deeper place of existence

When the energy is moving again
Get up and go once more
The world awaits You

Ian Altosaar

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