How To FIND Your MISSION In LIFE Through ASTROLOGY And Gary Vaynerchuk

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This article is meant to give You an indication of how to find Your mission in life. Through astrology and using the famous Gary Vaynerchuk as an example.

A lot has been made and said about mission in spiritual, self-growth type communities. It is usually talked about as this great, sexy and special thing that You have to aspire to.

It isn’t always like that. Sometimes yes but very often Your mission will be to create a family. Or something similar to that. It doesn’t have to be living a life at the center of attention etc.

This does not take away importance from the mission itself.

Often You could be living Your mission and not even know it yet. And at the same time wondering what Your mission is?

Previously, I’ve written about how to find more meaning in Your life here. This is different from the mission side of things.

The Karmic path or karmic lessons in life deserves a mention here as well. I will address these in a future article. Also important but not to be confused with the mission in life.

A mission is something very strong in a person’s life and natal chart. It is a focus of Your time here.

It is very difficult to escape this anyway, You are drawn to this strongly.

But having some knowledge of what it could be can hopefully serve You going forward.

In my own personal case, for example, I ignored this for quite some time in my life.

If I had known this before I could have made some corrections to the path I was on sooner. Hope this piece of information will help You similarly.

For You to calculate this You need to know Your date, time and place of birth. And You need to go and enter them in or

Now You have to know Your Ascendant sign, which is the sign that has AC written in it.

In the case of Gary Vaynerchuk (the famous speaker and businessman), it is Virgo.

The next we need to understand what is the ruling planet of the sign Virgo. This is the planet, Mercury.

Now we look for the house it is in. In his case, it is in the 2nd house.

The next step is to understand what the 2nd house actually means. 2nd house in You natal chart represents money, possessions, the approach You have towards money, investments, resources.

One of Gary’s biggest missions in this life is to make money and lots of it. In astrology, this placement is actually one of the wealth yogas.

We can add here that also investments, the collection of material resources, possessions. And if You have listened to some of Gary’s material You probably know that his big dream is to own a sports team. Which fits the bill here quite nicely. He is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing on this planet mission wise.

We can also add that the planet Mercury is very closely associated with business, having information, marketing, internet, exchanging information, communicating ideas, writing about ideas, having ideas, quick mind, being able to connect the dots. All the things Gary seems to be doing already.

Meaning, his desire for material accumulation is so big, it will most likely be achieved. And in his case, it does seem that he is living his mission full on so to speak.

If we want to take it even a little further we can look at the sign his ruling planet Mercury is in. Which is the sign of Scorpio.

In this case, it talks about the approach Gary should have with this. Which is methodical, doing deep research, years of preparation and then striking. With either business deals, investments. Saving money and then when he has done his research, making those investments. Having strong self-control over his finances, possessions will benefit him as well. The important thing to remember with Scorpio energy that deep research in whichever area Scorpio is, better to take Your time with those matters. Really get to know these things and then take action. After that “quick success” after years and years of research is possible. Scorpio energy is very obsessive, so Gary will be constantly obsessed with those 2nd house matters and that will bring him success.

He will also do well with these if he helps to transform things, transform people’s lives for example. Or transform his own self-worth.

Now it gets a little more complicated.

In order to determine how well Gary will do in his mission or how good of a time he will have doing it, we need to look at the aspects of his ruling planet Mercury.

If You are new to astrology then aspects are concentrated points of energy in the sky or in this case Gary Vaynerchuk’s chart.

His ruler Mercury has two main aspects. First, with the planet Uranus and secondly, the Sun itself.

Mercury conjunct Uranus, which is just a fancy way of saying that they were close together in the sky when Gary was born. Which translates to him having an abundance of that type of energy within him.

What type of energy?

Uranus is innovation, technology, internet, large groups of people, large networks of people, humanitarian, among other things. But I believe in Gary’s case these themes are already very strongly playing out.

When we add Mercury here it will translate into communicating new and innovative ideas to large groups of people, speaking to them through social media (which can be both, Mercury and Uranus). Or having that type of business or investing in businesses like that and those businesses will transform things in our society.

I have to say that Gary is doing an excellent job at using the energy in his chart. Obviously, these are some quite good placements as well.

And now we add the meaning of the Sun. Which is leadership, being the center of attention, performance, shining, ego, confidence. The combination of the two usually gives very quick minds, quick speakers, intelligent people, witty people. People who like to speak with some extra passion and confidence. Sometimes can be overly dramatic though. Public speakers, which Gary is doing very successfully already.

As You can see Gary is doing really well to use the energy he was given during his birth and living his mission as he should. Looking at the aspects of his chart ruler we can safely say that if he continues using that energy in the positive way that he is, he will have a good time doing it.

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