How To BE Ready FOR Your Own DEATH?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

I’ll start this one off with a confession.

I’m more scared of people who I love dearly dying than my own death.

On some days I wish it, on others, I believe I’m finally ready to die. The latter is more enjoyable than the first. A more whole, powerful place to be. A complete feeling.

A life lived fully.

This sense of completion can only come to You when You give Yourself some attention. And even a little of that sweet nectar can do it.

I believe we as humans are only afraid of death if we are still afraid of losing something. Or afraid of not being someone anymore.

Or to go even further, when we don’t know who we really are.

When we realize that we are consciousness of everything, and there’s no beginning nor end to anything, life can finally begin.

Of course, there are endings and beginnings we can differentiate with our minds in this material reality. But if You look far enough, or deep enough, it all melts into one.

How can You benefit from this knowledge?

When You fall in love with the concept of death being a new beginning or a path to freedom, life can actually start. Worry stops or decreases dramatically. A sense of ease and completion fills Your being.

How can You experience this feeling, understanding?

When You sit long enough. You don’t even have to be alone for this to happen. You can quietly sit behind Your desk at work and feel so complete with life and Yourself, that You are finally okay with dying.

All the yearning stops.

All the ambition stops.

Desire, craziness, nervousness, everything stops.

The idea to be someone turns into…just being.

After You have found this place within Yourself, it is much easier to actually live Your life.

A certain kind of freedom that is attainable to all, but only some make the effort to reach for it.

Sweet death
Sweet surrender
Take me into Your blender
Fill me with faith
So that when I take my last breath
It is the sweetness of myself that I taste

Ian Altosaar

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