The Hypocrisy Of Owning The SUCCESSES Of Other People

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In this modern age of spiritual teachers, consultants and people teaching each other online (and offline) more than ever before, I’ve noticed a very important and disturbing pattern.

It’s been within myself and with the teachers, I’ve worked with.

The pattern itself is as follows:

The teacher or consultant gives advice to the student or the student takes an online class and has a breakthrough in their life. Meaning something positive happens for them. They get a new career, relationship or something inside them shifts.

Then the teacher takes credit for that win and says that they helped that student. This can also look like testimonials on the teacher’s page. Coming straight from the source, the student, saying their life has been changed, etc.

Now the teacher gets validated for their good work.

But very often here it doesn’t get mentioned how much work the student put into the change. How much of their time and effort gets put into making that change happen.

Giving people a distorted view of how the change actually happened.

In addition to this, and I think this is even more important, You never see negative reviews on the teacher’s website. It’s only the positive ones and the ones with the most success.

In all actuality, there are probably people who are not satisfied with the product or consultation offered. Now it does deserve a mention here that sometimes it is so that the student does not put enough effort into it. This is true.

But how do we as teachers still take responsibility only if they win?

Isn’t our responsibility then to see that they do the work? If we also take responsibility for their wins? I believe so.

There’s actually a bigger theme brewing here. And it’s the one of taking responsibility for the first place.

In my experience and failure with this topic, I’m beginning to understand that we actually should not take responsibility at all for their wins. But if we take it for the wins we should (to be in full integrity) take responsibility for the failures as well.

It is of the utmost importance when we offer services or guidance to someone to not get lost in our egoic ways and think we are so special. And people should be thankful for our guidance.

It is an energy exchange in every meeting. No one is more special than the other. No one has or shouldn’t have power over the other. Especially in the sacred relationship of teacher and student.

Your gift isn’t Yours anyway. It was given to You for a reason. To serve mankind in the best way possible.

You can probably see this doesn’t have to be only spiritual teachers or consultants. It can happen in our everyday lives, in businesses, in teams, between bosses and subordinates, etc. Everywhere where there’s communication and energy exchanged.

Ian Altosaar

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