In Communion With Spirit

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Although I’m a big advocate and believe communing with the spiritual realm is essential part of the human experience, Spirit does not have all the answers.

Why is that?

Because it is all a matter of potentials. Potential for world war or spiritual/intellectual/technological utopia. Or something in between.

This is where humans themselves come into play. We have the power and the capacity to mold energy into physical creation. We as a conscious collective can decide which way to go. In every given moment. Before that we have to become conscious unfortunately.

Why is this even important?

To take back our power. You see I’ve placed the spiritual or energetic beings (beings in other dimensions) above myself. And I believe this is a common misconception. That they have all the answers or they know better. Sometimes they do.

But a lot of the times they don’t just because it is all a matter of potentials. Creation is always in flux. Because we have to decide what we want to create (in communion with the spiritual realm.)

So nobody really knows what exactly is going to happen.

What can we do?

We can learn to interpret energy, learn to observe the cycles that drive this plane. We can learn to connect with ourselves and others on a much deeper level than we are used to. From that place we can become conscious creators, while communing with the divine.

As equals. Not as beggars.

Asking questions from a place of curiosity. Exercising our divine right as the explorers we are at our very core.

I will leave You with this paragraph from the essay “The art of Goethean conversation” by Marjorje Spock.

Perhaps the first pre-requisite is to be aware that the spiritual world beyond the threshold wishes every bit as keenly to be known to us as we wish to know it. It does not have to be taken by assault; it comes gladly to meet us, much as a wise and loving teacher responds to the warmth of a student’s interest. And no one genuinely eager to approach such a teacher with the proper reverence fails to elicit his responses. The spiritual world is no less eager to meet our interest. We recall Christ’s assurance of this: “Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

I would like to add to what Marjorie so eloquently described above that as much as we are the student approaching the teacher when contacting the other realms, we are for sure the teacher as well. This way we will attract beings who are about empowerment as opposed to beings who might want to control us.

Ian Altosaar

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PS! Thanks to Colin Treiber for introducing me to the essay mentioned in this piece. And for all the conversations we’ve had!

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