In Many Ways

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

In many ways, Your life has a lot to do with shit.

When You are a baby, others clean Your shit and wipe it.

After that comes a really long period where You wipe Your own shit.

At the same time, You are doing that, if You are lucky, You get to wipe the shit of Your kid or kids and clean the shit of Your pets.

Now it gets even more difficult. You might have to clean the shit of Your grandparents or parents.

And in the end, again if You are lucky, others will clean Your shit.

So the old saying “Don’t take no shit from no one!” It doesn’t really apply to life.

In reality and in truth You will most likely take a lot of shit (and wipe it) from a lot of people. Including Yourself!

Ian Altosaar

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