Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Letting Go And Holding On.

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In order to grow and move towards more meaning in Your life, a sacrifice has to be made.


To start living a new life You have to leave Your old life behind.

With it, old ideas, old thoughts, old feelings. They need to go as well.

This is a painful process, no doubt about it.

This is why most people don’t do it. Letting go and trusting the unknown or the emptiness in-between is scary, dark and painful. And sometimes even lonely.

Who wants to do that? And why should we? You might be asking.

Mostly because of suffering. It’s better to suffer a lot for a short period of time then live a life of suffering altogether.

Short spurts of uncomfortableness are easier to deal with than a lifetime of pain.

And in order to really transform Your life, some pain is necessary.

Not because I’m a masochist and think pain is super awesome, no.

Just because we are human and we tend to hold on to things and experiences that actually don’t serve us anymore.

There is a death involved with change and letting go. And that means grief and sadness as well.

What comes after death, grief, and sadness?

Usually liberation, transformation, freedom and if You are lucky, some happiness as well.

There is also another big misconception we currently have, we shouldn’t suffer and everything needs to be comfortable all the time!

This is not true. Some suffering is a part of this life. And it’s going to happen whether You like it or not. The important thing to realize is how are You going to suffer?

Whether You accept or reject suffering.

As the planet of karma, foundations, restriction, hierarchies, old things (Saturn) and the planet of transformation, deep things, death (Pluto) are closely in the sky, what I discussed above has been happening in our life regardless. Saturn is also the planet that does not want to let go and Pluto wants to burn everything that no longer serves us, we have been feeling this push and pull energy during the whole year. And will continue to purge and feel like this for quite some time.

Pluto and Saturn conjunction in the constellation (or the sign) of Capricorn will last until December 2020 (just to give You an idea of how slowly these planets operate). Until that time these energies will be strongly felt and they will play out in larger society. They started their close trip through the skies together already from December 2018. With one of the culminations of this spectacle in the sky coming in January 2020. Hold on to Your hats, many events (with the themes described in this article) will have a high probability of happening during January 2020. Especially around the 13th and 20th of January. I expect many worldly events that will send ripple effects all across the globe.

Saturn takes a long time and so does Pluto. So, all the changes we’ve been going through have been slow and quite painful. You’ve might have had the feeling or thoughts of “I can’t see the meaning in all of this. How long does this take? Or I can’t possibly continue.”

This is Saturn and Pluto doing their work in the sky.

Uncomfortably changing Your life for the better.

Unfortunately for us, it takes time. And it will take even more time. It will be painful and not so comfortable.

Is there a silver lining in all of this?


Pluto’s job is to burn down and destroy the foundations (Saturn) in our lives that no longer serve us.

In society, this can look like powerful (Pluto) government (Saturn) figures melting down or having their deep and dark secrets (Pluto) thrown out in the open. And that in return will damage or transform (Pluto) their reputation and status (Saturn).

Some structures will change and will be transformed. Government and ruling structures. Some governments and ruling organizations might fall altogether or die. Interesting to see what will happen with the European Union.

With Pluto and Saturn together, we might be seeing the start of the fall of that organization. It’s been going on for a while and will continue.

If I’m not being so overly dramatic, at the very least some sort of transformation of the EU will happen. It will not look the same after the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto ends.

One of the other ways how this can look like in our human society is that government organizations will demonstrate some type of power or control. This could be subtle and hidden. And will come out later.

On a personal level, it can show You where You are too controlling and rigid in Your own life. And You will have the ability to make necessary changes on Your own.

If You don’t do that, Pluto will do these for You.

What are the areas in Your life where You will be personally be affected?

Remember to check Your Ascendant, Sun or Moon sign. And that these are just some of the themes associated with the respective houses!


10th house, career social status, professional life, social standing in society, father.


9th house, higher education, higher knowledge, higher wisdom, foreign countries, traveling, teachers, mentors, gurus, belief systems.


8th house, trauma, sex pregnancy, esoteric and occult topics, intimacy, soul mate connection, transformation, crisis.


7th house, relationships, partnerships, business partnerships, partners, 1st marriage, marriage partner.


6th house, work, routines, health, health routines, debt, pets, being of service, diets.


5th house, creativity, creative expression, children, creative projects, romance, how You express Yourself, speculative investments.


4th house, family, emotional life, real estate, land, mother, nurturing, caring.


3rd house, skills, short trips, what we think about, self-made wealth, self-owned business, how we communicate, writing, speaking, administrative tasks, social media, media.


2nd house, money, investments, possessions, resources, roots, self-worth, voice, nature, food.


1st house, Your general path in life, Your body, Your destiny, the house of initiative, of starting new things.


12th house, spiritual life, meditation, connecting with other realms, far away countries, hidden things, long-term investments.


11th house, friends, social circles, long-term goals, gains, salary, networks, social groups, social clubs.

It is safe to say that all of these areas or at the very least, some of those, will be totally transformed by December 2020.

Best way to approach this energy?

Pluto is slow and deep research. Saturn is gradual mastery. Taking small steps every day and researching those topics deeply can be a good start. Internally evaluating what it is that You actually believe in, doing deep internal work around these topics will help You to ground this somewhat difficult energy of Pluto and Saturn.

An important reminder! With Saturn, don’t take shortcuts, it does not like this. You will be punished for those shortcuts later on. With Pluto, diving into taboo topics and letting go can be a good way of approaching things. Pluto ultimately wants Your false persona to burn away. To transform You in the flames Your internal hell. There is no nice way of saying this, unfortunately.

And both of these planets will take a long time doing so.

The most difficult thing with these two planets? Saturn likes to hold on to things, Pluto likes to burn away things that are no longer necessary. That means there is a push and pull energy going on between those planets in the sky. Which in turn means that there is a push and pull energy within us and in human society.

And if You really think about it, who wants to let go and hold on to something at the same time? It’s really uncomfortable and navigating these energies has and will be even more so.

You are going to be wanting to hold on and let go at the same time. And to make it even more difficult, when You don’t let go, life makes You.

Happy purging and transforming.

Ian Altosaar

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