Drawing a line in the sand.  An old metaphor.

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I have no idea what to write about in this weeks blog so I’m just going to go for it. Sometimes just starting gets the juices flowing. I’m partly frustrated and I feel lightness as well. I got lost in my emotions and head today, reacted from an emotional space(I let my boundaries be crossed). After that felt shame around it. It could have been avoided. Weirdly enough just before that I was feeling a lot more in my body, just going about my life from a feeling place. And it seems to be true that then the true wisdom comes easily. Kind of filling the pages here. Actually a lot of stuff happened this week, had crazy dreams, nice experiences but I don’t feel like analyzing them. Would feel more joy when just sharing it. That is what I actually discovered this week. I enjoy sharing myself but get really annoyed when I have to justify my behavior or my choices in life. I get angry when I’m being blamed for something I didn’t actually do. I close myself off and start defending if I feel I’m being put down or shamed by someone. And I think that’s okay because we don’t have to treat each other that way. Also I don’t think it’s okay to shame or put down someone. Nobody deserves that. We are all human here, we make mistakes, we learn from them, we live our lives to the best of our capabilities. When I’m in this place I can see it more clearly. More of me is in it. I enjoy this place. It’s as almost nothing and everything exists at the same time. I can feel and see everything that’s going on. This is living, presence, I appreciate it and fear losing it at the same time. And with that it is lost. Until we meet again my old friend.

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Next week:

  • Finish projects You have started. Reclaim Your Inner Throne training homework, training calls, teleseminars etc.
  • Sports betting, attend live games, do one thing at a time. Be present when making decisions. Breathe the attention in Your body.
  •  Fill out Your daily diary.
  • Write down ideas, dreams, synchronicities, events etc.
  • Eat a vegetarian diet, plus eggs.
  • Meditate when You feel like it, take time for it.
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week.
  • Meet people in real life, do smth fun.
  • Continue with anal de-armouring.
  • Practice feeling Your feelings and being present with Yourself. Say Your thoughts out loud.
  • Sleep.
  • Draw or color smth.
  • Remember Your presence and take life as it is.
  • Daily brain training at

Thinking of a song to share but drawing blanks. Lot of deja vu-s as well lately. Can’t really remember stuff.


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