Mining Gold

Again I’m sent mining gold from the depths of My soul
Lo and behold, what You reap You shall sow
It might be glow for sure, I yet do not know
More and more the lights flicker in the dark
Right from the start torn apart
Left on the side of the road with no abode
The dramatic side is getting the best of me here
That’s what feeling pain does
This is what intense feeling does to You
You can feel both sides of the coin
And the coin is You
When it comes knocking
There is nothing for me to decide
I ride and ride, the waves and the tides
Dark hollow roads, lonely holes
With nothing to roam, catch the load
I bow my head, led by the feeling
Surrender and surrender
To My own heart of gold
Lo and behold the strong moulding that has taken place
This face has been replaced
I can feel the taste
Of life and the sadness I’ve faced
Which is now laced
With My own loving embrace


Ian Altosaar

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