Mystical Money Machine — A Detrimental Belief About Money

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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

Today I want to share with You a belief about money (and taking action) that held me back for a long time.

The reason I bring this up is that this week it reared it’s head once more.

The belief itself is as follows:

“If I make a lot of money and become financially free, I will have nothing to do anymore.”

I’ve danced with this devil a few times in the past so luckily it was a familiar foe.

But a very detrimental belief that can hold us back tremendously in our endeavors.


Because when I, as a person identify myself with doing something or even further, identify myself with getting love from others when I do something in the real world (meaning this gives me self worth when others love what I do). Then not having anything to do would be a disaster.

Nobody would love me.

Meaning in this case:

“When I become financially free or make a lot of money other people will not love me.”

The first thing we must ask here is “Would it be so bad if others don’t love me?”

Or “Why would it be so bad if others don’t love me?”

The answers to those questions can lead us to new places of fullness in our being.

Then You can go to a place of “Is this even true? Will people not love me? Or will I just idly on top of my pile of money and really have nothing to do?”

You can probably guess where this is going.

The belief about money and inaction, and even not being loved is somewhat preposterous when we look at it more closely.

But when let run amok in our subconsciousness, this belief can lead to inaction itself, not making money or living a more fulfilled life.

How to discover more of these beliefs?

You can meditate for starters, ask difficult questions of Yourself.

The first one might be “Why am I not making more money?”

And the follow up “How can I make more money?”

Then let those answers rise from Your subconsciousness. Get to know them and look at them straight in the face.

I promise You, this will lead to new discoveries and an easier way of living Your life on this planet.

Or if You want someone else to do it with, then contact me here in the group or PM me. Or my website or in the comments. Many options to choose from.

And let’s take Your money and inside game to the next level.

Ian Altosaar

If You have trouble with Your mindset towards money or questions about how to make more of it, join my Mystical Money Machine Facebook group here. Where I share my investment story and teach people how to find their own personal approach towards their finances.

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