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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group I created on Facebook. Monday’s are weekly review days in the group.

It’s been quiet in the Mystical Money machine group. Partly because I was in bed with stomach flu. But feeling better now and more content this week will follow.

Today is Weekly Review day in the group so I want to briefly discuss this. What it is and what can we do during it.

The intention of this is for You guys to bring what are You going through, where You are with the material and if there are some questions about it. Or questions in general. So, we can look at it all together and learn from it.

That’s the gist of it.

So, if You are out there and don’t know how to fill in the Mystical Money Machine spreadsheet, then bring it to the group. I will take a look at it and we will figure it out, together.

Or if You are already out there and putting Your money to work and have questions about that, bring it as well.

The weekly review is for You to bring whatever it is that You are currently working on and need help with.

Or if there are successes already for You, bring those as well. Your success will motivate others and vice versa.

I will open up this myself this week because I have something to share that will hopefully motivate You to get started with all of this.

This Friday (while still being a little under the weather), I turned an investment of 50€ into 897€.

That’s right. That is 1694% ROI (Return On Investment). Pretty nice for a day’s work.

I hope that motivates You a little and kicks You in the butt at the same time.


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