One of the BIGGEST Mistakes

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One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they have an understanding, or have come to an understanding, or have figured something out for themselves, they start judging others.

Not only judging but unfortunately shaming others who think differently. Or haven’t yet come to the place of that understanding.

This alienates those two groups of people from one another. People who have that understanding, and people who have yet to come to that understanding.

This creates more conflict, friction ,and aggression.

Usually leading to the other group of people starting to attack and shame the first group of people who figured it out.

What could be done differently?

This is where a huge responsibility lies on the people who have figured things out first.

It is their duty to articulate and prove their point with words as well as actions.

Provide real proof of their discovery.

This is a very long process if You understand that there are about 8 billion people on this planet and the information gets distorted constantly.

This lengthy process has a good chance of leading to bitterness because no one is listening to those amazing new ideas that the first group already figured out.

People’s minds take a really long time to understand something new and difficult. Be it that it might be something that has great potential in enhancing their lives.

The first group has to live it, speak it and basically prove it.

This will take a long time (from a human perspective) and one just has to deal with it if they want to change something meaningful on this planet. This comes with the territory of leadership.

I’m guilty of doing this myself and through my wrongdoings, I understood that it’s not my job to shame and ridicule people into new understandings and new ways of being. It is my job to live it, do it, write it, speak it, teach it. That is all.

If You are a person that has amazing ideas that have the potential to help humans in some way, take Your time. It’s a long ride.

Your job is to create new worlds, not to shame the old ones for existing. Although the latter is easier to do, You must resist the temptation and focus on creation instead.

Ian Altosaar

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