Pluto’s Negative and Positive Manifestations and Being the Ruler of Scorpio

Image source: Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Most astrologer’s credit Mars with the rulership of the sign Scorpio.

In my experiences with my own life and observing the lives of others, I can now see that it’s actually Pluto who rules the sign Scorpio. Or the constellation of Scorpio if You wish.

About Pluto’s energy.

The energy of the planet Pluto is intense. It is overwhelmingly powerful. At it’s core, it’s about power.

An important distinction here to make is the positive manifestation of power and the negative manifestation.

On the negative side, Pluto and Scorpio achieve their ultimate goal of power through manipulation, control and secrets, dark magic.

On the positive side, they achieve this through dying, rebirth, and transformation of the individual.

Through it all, a person becomes powerful in their own being.

Not wanting power over others (which is also the negative side of Pluto and Scorpio) but having true power within them. Which in my view is the highest manifestation of Plutonian and Scorpionic energy.

That power translates into a deep understanding of the human psyche.

In my experience, this can also give psychic powers or a very acute ability to see “into” other humans.

What this basically means is that when Pluto and Scorpio are at their highest manifestation a person has the ability to transform others. Or rather help others in their path of transformation.

On the negative side of this it can manifest as a manipulative spiritual teacher who understands the deepest secrets of the human psyche, can see into others, knows their deepest wounds and then uses those wounds to their own personal benefit. Manipulating and controlling them through clever mind games.

The energy of Pluto and Scorpio is a lot to take for many humans. It can show You the darkest corners of Your own being while feeling utterly powerless to those energies. And make You think You’re the most powerful person at the same time. An up and down ride, very Plutonian at it’s core.

It’s a wild, unpleasant rollercoaster with those energies but the ultimate goal of them is to show You Your own true power.

What better way to do it than put You through suffering and make You transform.

Happy suffering!

Ian Altosaar

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