The Cosmic Adults – Curious Questions with Cindy AKA “The Cosmic Mom”

In this week’s episode: Cosmic Mom, the origin story. How to ask the best questions from the Universe? And Yourself? How to let go, surrender, transform, and trust? Mercury retrograde manifestations in real life. What type of environment is needed for growth? Letting go of the past and coming into the present moment. Taking responsibility … Read more

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 2022

As the metaphorical and sometimes literal death of Scorpio Full Moon Lunar eclipse draws near, I’m reflecting more and more on the experience of death, as well as the deeper meaning behind it = letting go. Death itself is a process of letting go. Grief is a process of letting go of that thing that … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – How Our Histories Influence Us + Astro Predictions for ALL Signs!

In this week’s episode: Estonia, and how small and beautiful it is. The vibration of the Estonian people. How our countries of origin influence us and how to break away from limiting beliefs associated with them? A personal story of suffering during WWII in Estonia, and how it influences future generations. Growing up in the … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Weekly Astro/Intuitive Overview for March 27 – April 2, 2022

In this week’s episode: We give the best advice, EVER! Age and how generations should learn from each other. Limp Bizkit, and their hit song Nookie. Chiron and the deepest wound. The overall weekly energetic influences. Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a webinar with me: Get my book here : For a personal consultation contact me … Read more

The “Wrath of Scorpio” and Handling it

Have You ever had Your friend or lover/partner (who You know is a Scorpio Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Stellium, or 8th house heavy energies) come at You with a wave of emotion that You didn’t know how to deal with? If yes, this piece is for You. Scorpio, the deepest of the signs has the capability … Read more

WILD times on planet Earth – A conversation with The Spiritual Hooligan

Confused about the turbulent times we are in currently as a society, species, and as individuals? Want things to get back to “normal” and how they “used to be”? Unfortunately, this is not how life on planet earth works. We go through cycles of transformation, of death and rebirth. Of expansion, and contraction. As well … Read more

The Defining Moments In Our Lives – Interview With a Psychic Energy Healer

In this video, I sit down with my good friend and co-host of our Cosmic Adults podcast Mercedes to dissect some of the defining moments we have in our lives. Feel like You are living a life that is not authentic to You? Waking up with hangovers but deep down feel like You need to … Read more

How past fears mindfuck Scorpios from doing the things they actually want?

I just can’t stop making videos about Scorpios and their pain. I can’t stop, I won’t stop… The inspiration behind this video was in an interaction I had with a person under my video’s comments. Tired of endless transformation? Past “failures” have a hold on You? Think everything is going to come crashing down again? … Read more

The Phases of Spiritual Awakening – Explained Through Astrology, Phase 10 = The Integration

Life makes no sense? Everything everyone talks about lacks all kinds of substance? Been through a traumatic and life changing experience? People have died or left Your life unexpectedly in other ways? Congratulations! You are on the spiritual path and the awakening has already begun. Last video of the series! The Integration! As You have … Read more

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Letting Go And Holding On.

Photo by Stanislava Stanchy on Unsplash In order to grow and move towards more meaning in Your life, a sacrifice has to be made. Because? To start living a new life You have to leave Your old life behind. With it, old ideas, old thoughts, old feelings. They need to go as well. This is … Read more