What is My life?

What is my life?
What have I become?
Do I even remember the Sun?
Unraveling, coming undone

Whose life am I living?
It isn’t a gift that keeps on giving
What is this voice that keeps on singing?
How do I quiet the ringing in my mind?

Who are these ghosts?
Haunting shadows of my own Mind
I can hear their echoes from behind
We signed this agreement a long time ago

Pieces of dust
Floating around
Because we must
This is the endless spiral of creation

Resist it’s temptation
Look for redemption
Quiet arrangements
That keeps You engaged

Strangest is the opening to life
Unless we stifle it
Open up to it

Painful it can be
Denying life, holding on to something
You never had
Changes these
And look to life to become free

Ian Altosaar

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