Simple Things – A Guide to Appreciating The Annoying Things in Life

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Simple things I bitch about but would be sad if they weren’t in my life. A guide for appreciating the so called annoying things in life.

My partners breath in the morning before brushing teeth – My partner who I love dearly would be gone from my life if the breath wasn’t there.

My cat’s poop – Same as the last one.

Windshield wipers – I bitch about windshield wipers because they sometimes suck and don’t do their work properly but if they weren’t there I would not be able to see anything. I would crash my car and probably die in the process.

House repairs – A simple one, I wouldn’t have a place to live otherwise.

Christmas presents – This one is a little tricky but I enjoy receiving them. Just going out in the madness and getting them for others is a pain in the butt.

Waking up early – I wouldn’t get to enjoy the quietness of the city that I live in. There is something very romantic about the silence early in the morning.

Traffic jams – A simple way of appreciating traffic jams is that we get to experience them and get to see, feel what they are like. I bet there aren’t many places in this galaxy that have traffic jams…

There are a lot more of these. Would love to hear from You, what are some of the things You bitch about but can’t live without?

Ian Altosaar


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