It Was a Hard Day

Image source: Photo by Gabriela Palai from Pexels I’m tired My eyelids hurt The skin below my left ear itches I’m taking in the day As imperfect as it was I made it, it’s done Soon I will fall asleep And hopefully see Dreams of great importance to me Feel, see into the vast … Read more

Simple Things – A Guide to Appreciating The Annoying Things in Life

Image source: Simple things I bitch about but would be sad if they weren’t in my life. A guide for appreciating the so called annoying things in life. My partners breath in the morning before brushing teeth – My partner who I love dearly would be gone from my life if the breath wasn’t … Read more

A Scary Proposition

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Kumna village, near Keila. Everything that I’ve ever written I have written for myself Every poem, all the teachings They are for me It’s very selfish You see I’m learning as I go here It’s trial and error Pain and joy Disbelief and hope And everything in between My … Read more

How to Find Your Own Personal Inner Truth?

Image source: My private collection. On a marsh island, Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa. This is literally going to be one of those articles that teaches You how to do something. Exactly like Cosmos “How to turn on Your man with these 5 easy tricks?” Or “74 ways to help You find Your purpose easily!” I hate those … Read more

On Death

Image source: My private collection. Tallinn, Estonia. If You continue to look at death straight in it’s face You will break regardless If You happen to experience the bright side of life on some days In between this constant dying There might be periods of lighter existence But don’t be fooled, death will catch You … Read more

Starting Anew

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. Private collection. The snow falls gently from the trees Like I sometimes fall gently from grace One thing nature does It allows everything fully No fight, no flight Just acceptance of what is And when nature truly fights It feels seemingly natural Like there’s a greater purpose to it … Read more

The Man I Am

Image source:×1080/park-leaf-autumn-in-the-nature-1135052.html The tastefulness of this very moment Is all that I have I can feel my heart, pounding gently My chest feels like it’s overflowing With joy and love I want to savour this Hold it close, close to my innocence Resting on my shoulder I’m committed to myself I’m receiving the blessings … Read more

Your Man

Image source: A painting from my collection. I want to be Your man Not Your therapist or girlfriend I want You Not the shallow ideas and mind games I trust You That You can take care of Yourself I want to be there for You With all Your depth I want deep meaning I know … Read more

Sweet Saliva

Image source: The swamps of Estonia. Private collection. Underneath my tongue Sweet saliva My old companion My dear friend I’m reminded of Your importance And the fact that You are so unappreciated I’m finally here now To recognize Your devoted service Your precise signals And Your punctual attendance You have deep meaning That goes unnoticed … Read more