Looking at Pain

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The way we deal with pain must change
It just has to when we want to become more whole, mature human beings
There’s a great probability that all of us in different moments in our lives will experience This type of deep longing, sadness or even emptiness
It’s the way we deal with those moments that will actually define us
Will we run away?
Or look death in the eyes?
It is very hard to do either
One is scary and the other even scarier
They both lead to wholeness in one way or another
Looking it straight in the eyes is just a shortcut
Nothing more
I’ve dealt with pain differently as I’ve matured as a human being
When I was younger it was mostly numbing it
Now it’s mostly art, expression, sex and feeling it
One thing I’ve learned through this evolution is that it will constantly change
Something be it out there or within us is calling us towards completion
That unfortunately requires great ability to allow whatever it is that is happening and Afterwards taking the action necessary to grow
Feeling plus healthy thought and freedom of the mind leads to action

This life will ask everything out of You and more
There is much we still don’t know
That we need to learn
Many, many experiences to have
New frontiers to explore
It will be much easier if we a masters of our inner experience
Scholars of the human mind, body and soul
This will lead to great discoveries outside
Let’s go
Let’s do it

Ian Altosaar

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