Image source: In striving for something new Some resistance from the old might occur Before that even blatant ignoring of our efforts Make no mistake, this will discourage You And underestimating the forces of those against You Will do no good Clear-sighted vision is necessary Pure thought and an even perfected inner knowing can come … Read more

Meeting of Minds

Image source: I forgot to write What a glorious few words it would have been Raising questions, requires answers And the answers become the inquirers When they have the wits to do so Tremendous amounts of learning And wisdom Are uncovered in those moments When two or more minds Come together, listen and speak … Read more

The Trees and Me

Image source: Photo by from Pexels As I look at the logs Waiting for their turn in the fire I see the journey they have taken to arrive here I feel this strange sense of connection to it The hard work that went into getting them here And now they repay me with … Read more