The Desire To Grow

Image source: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The desire to go for the instant gratification or filling up the self is not actually bad.

The place where it stings the most though is paradoxically the self again.

What happens at that moment is the abandonment of the very essence of our being.
This will hurt in the long run but it can be reversed. By gradually being there for ourselves, in sadness and in triumph. Both types of energies require our utmost presence and vigilance. Because it is in the extremes where madness happens. And not the good kind of, creative madness. Identity structures, mental illness etc.

It is very important to become a student of the mind, observer of this experience and a scholar of our being. This requires commitment, support, vigor, love, presence and the desire to grow. Which I believe is inside of us all, it is actually the nature of this reality.

Ian Altosaar

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