I’ve felt powerless a lot in my life. With women, money, success, career, our society at large. Insert almost anything here and it’s probably true.

This feeling of powerlessness has led me to discover things that make me feel more powerful.

Along those travels I’ve found many things, I’ve understood some things about power that I believe are constantly going on in our everyday interactions.

Also the fact that I secretly and sometimes not so secretly want power over others.

Everything in our current society of ours is a game of power. Or a struggle to get more of it.

It starts with the perceived lack of resources. Unfortunately, this is by design, from the people in power to create more fear in humans, which in turn will give people in power even more power.

This pattern is so deeply ingrained in the consciousness of man that it carries over into our everyday lives.

Work environment. Competition for more clients, money, better positions, better jobs, more market share = more power over others.

Skills. If You have a skill that very few people possess, You will have the possibility to have power over them. Or the power to choose places of work/time for Yourself. But in that, You will have power over companies and individuals. You can make them twist and turn for Your skill, beg and pray for it. Thus having power over them. Because they need something only You can provide. So I can understand why almost everybody in this day and age is working towards a skill very few people possess. To have that kind of power.

Here’s a clip from the movie King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword that illustrates this beautifully.

Relationships. Power over one another will give us the illusion of not losing love. Or in other words, when we have power over others we don’t have to feel our deepest fear of all, losing the love of others. This is the most painful of all. This is where it leaks from our subconsciousness (our suppressed memories) to our every day lives the most. It has been a tough learning experience for me personally.

I believe there is a way out of this. Which consists of two parts.

First, understanding that it is impossible to lose something we are. Meaning we ourselves are the ones who love. So we can love ourselves. This is much harder than it sounds. I’m in the midst of this exploration and it is very hard to find love for myself sometimes. And even when we lose the love of others, it is okay. Because it will probably return one day. Maybe in the form of other people loving You. It’s just the in-between part of the perceived loss of the love we are so deeply afraid of.

Second, understanding that there is an abundance of resources on this planet and universe. Finding a more equal, balanced way of distributing these resources is key in my opinion. I believe it will happen when people are educated enough or grow to a level of understanding that we are not alone on this planet. We are not the be all end all of everything. We are part of a much larger ecosystem which needs our care and attention. Together.

This is actually not a rallying call to magically come together somehow. No, not yet. I think it is happening but unfortunately from a place of wanting to get more power over others. That is not good. This will birth more of the same.

More power struggles, more power games.

It is a reminder to those of You who care and obviously for Myself that this is going on and we have to learn from it. Grow to a new place from it and develop a better understanding of power. To check if this is going on in our relationships/lives and then do something about it.

Ian Altosaar

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