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6 years ago, I was in bad shape emotionally, spiritually, financially.

I had just lost everything I had (it wasn’t much but still.) And not just lost, I was in debt.

Not a really good place to be when You are 24 years old and before that had a somewhat pleasant lifestyle.

I had to return home with my tail between my legs and ask for help. Luckily my family was there for me. So, I had some grounding, at least some material stability. But not a whole lot.

I had been a professional poker player for about 4 years. I enjoyed the freedom that this way of earning a living brought me. But I didn’t pay attention, I didn’t take care of my finances. Most importantly, I didn’t use my finances to invest in myself or financial assets. I used them to party.

Needless to say, that this party had an abrupt end when the poker site I held my finances at went bankrupt and I lost all of my money overnight.


The first lesson, don’t store all of Your finances in one place.

So, I returned home and had to borrow some money. Now I was already pretty deeply in the red. A very uncomfortable place to be.

I had to reevaluate everything whilst paying back the money I owed to people. And at the same time figure out a way towards the future.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on. I also had the good fortune of landing a part-time job through an acquaintance, so I had a little grounding to start educating myself.

I read and invested in myself. I worked my butt off and started playing poker again. If You want to learn how to win and lose money really quickly and get used to it, I recommend You play a little poker. It will show You a lot about Yourself and how You approach money.

While this was going on I knew I needed to dig even deeper. I started looking at my beliefs around money. How much I was actually holding on to it and how afraid I was of losing it.

That opened up a new dimension altogether.

About a year after my dramatic event I had managed to pay off all the debts and had worked my way towards a full-time job. I had even managed to save some money and was playing a lot of poker. I took off weekends from social events and still kept working like a mad-man. I was at a much better place now. I had some grounding to work from.

But I knew I wanted more. I wanted more freedom to do the things I enjoyed.

I kept learning and reading. At the same time doing a lot of spiritual growth work because now I had the finances to do so. During this period, I did two things that might seem very small but changed my whole approach towards finances.

First, I started looking at my finances and my expenses. I looked up a spreadsheet online and modified it to suit my personal situation. I made it as simple as possible and took a look at my spending habits. As well as where was my money coming from, going to etc.

It was really hard at first. I was scared. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to look at myself. But I did because I wanted more. I wanted the freedom doing this allowed me to achieve. I knew I had to do it.

It changed everything. I was now seeing very clearly where I was spending too much and not investing enough. I was scattered and irrational before I took that leap.

It stared me straight in my face. I could not escape it.

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I started this community to help empower humans with their money matters. To help people find their own personal approach to money and investing. All through a more mystical and spiritual lens. Just the way I personally like it.

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Ian Altosaar

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