The Mystical Money Machine Community

Image source: Photo by Ramiro Mendes on Unsplash 6 years ago, I was in bad shape emotionally, spiritually, financially. I had just lost everything I had (it wasn’t much but still.) And not just lost, I was in debt. Not a really good place to be when You are 24 years old and before that had a somewhat pleasant … Read more


Do work Meet openly Love fiercely Approach with curiosity Engage fully Embrace gracefully Sit quietly Share openly Enjoy tastefully Fall apart if need be Do Your best always Ian Altosaar

The Goodness of Mankind

Image source: Accepting Your chosen path or destiny if You will, can be quite challenging. Working with dense energy seems sometimes harsh and misguided. Often all we have to take us through is the knowing that hopefully, this will all make sense one day. And all of our gifts will reveal themselves when most necessary. … Read more

Today Was A Good Day

Image source: Today was a good day Although I woke up in pain I was again reminded Life’s about the little things Known smell of a towel from a place I love Jumping in lakes, connecting Hugging, playing, surrendering It’s about looking at the sunset Feeling like I belong, even if it’s just a … Read more

Coming Together

Image source: Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels Tired and a little sad Don’t worry little lad You are not that bad Surprisingly glad, enough to drive me mad Look at the sadness and pain around You More than just a tad Overwhelming at times Would like to not choose sides Instead, come together … Read more