Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, All Retrograde In The 3rd House And Remedies For The Situation

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I have this configuration in my natal chart. All planets retrograde. In addition, the third house starts at 15 degrees, in the sign of Sagittarius.

Let’s dissect this a little.

15th degree – the degree of terrible car accidents, not good for driving this degree. Yikes!

3rd house – the house of driving and vehicles.

The sign of Sagittarius – big things, big roads, big cars, lorries.

Neptune – represents something hidden, the planet that hides.

Uranus – the planet of quick changes.

Saturn – the planet of problems, trials, and tribulations.

Also, Saturn and Uranus are in a difficult aspect to Venus. In opposition. Venus is the planet of food and music.

A quick reminder, these are just some of the things these planets represent!!!

I had a somewhat intense Mars transit in my third house last year. The planet that represents accidents. So I had the good awareness to take some action.

The first thing I did was take something old (Saturn), something electrical (Uranus) and put it in my car (3rd house, in ancient astrology 4th house, is also vehicles, I’ve experienced both to be true.) So I took 3 old UPS units (old and electrical, Saturn and Uranus) and put them in the trunk (something hidden, Neptune) of my car. All in the hopes that it will channel some of that heavy energy in my natal chart. Luckily my car is already red (the color of Mars) so that helped with the difficult Mars energy.

So what started happening?

I had some close calls but no accidents. These weird situations where cars seemed to come out of nowhere but every time I came out of those situations cleanly.

One very specific incident involved me eating sweets (Venus) while driving (3rd house) and I immediately almost caused an accident. It was the closest I’ve ever come to it. So I stopped eating and drinking while driving.

What I did see were a lot of accidents though. Definitely more than “usual”. But in every case, I was not involved in these accidents. I just witnessed them.

So in my mind, I channeled the energy of the planets somewhere else. But it was still with me. Reminding of the seriousness of the situation. And how much this reality is really affected by the energy in this solar system.

Ian Altosaar

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