The People We Have Karmic Relationships With

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The title of this piece is self-evident. I will now explain this concept from an astrological point of view.

There are two very karmic bodies in our solar system. In Vedic astrology, they are called Rahu – The Dragon’s Head, and Ketu – The Dragon’s Tail. In modern astrology, they are called North Node and South Node respectively.

In very simple terms, Rahu is what we are meant to go towards during this lifetime. And Ketu is what we are meant to let go of. It is something we have already experienced in a previous life. Ketu things come more naturally to us in this life. So we don’t have to pursue them so aggressively.

How does this relate to relationships?

You see, when we are born into this world, we are born with a very specific astrological configuration, our natal chart. From there we can see what we are here to do and what drives us, our happiness and our suffering.

It can also tell a lot about our relationships.

When two people meet their natal charts mesh. Meaning, we activate energy in each other’s charts or lives for that matter.

Now, this is where Rahu and Ketu come to play.

There’s something more we need to discuss about these celestial bodies. They are insatiable. Meaning wherever they are in our charts, we have this indescribable urge to go towards. And yes, this is true for Ketu as well. This will sound contradictory but hear me out.

This life of ours is not as easy as one might think. There are curveballs and dark dungeons that await us on occasion. Ketu is one of those curveballs.

At the moment You might be thinking “So You are saying that I’m meant to release something that the energy in me wants to go after insatiably?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

You are meant to let go of some of the things that You believe will serve You but in all actuality don’t. This is in my mind Ketu.

This does not mean these things won’t serve You at all but it is in Your best interest to let go of Ketu in Your chart.

If You are one of great mastery then this letting go will be easier and it will come naturally, without even needing to know about it. But knowing about Your Ketu can serve Your life greatly. It has the possibility to release You from the shackles of the past.

I’ve had the fortune of knowing about mine for a while now. It is in the 11th house, in the sign of Virgo. Letting go of long-term goals, friendships, and most importantly for me, letting go of figuring out every little thing along the themes of social circles, long-term goals, socioeconomic goals, friendships.

Now some of these things I’ve been able to let go of without knowing about Ketu. They served me greatly.

Others, it’s been more difficult.

Now comes Rahu. The Dragon’s Head. It’s where we will have an insatiable desire towards and where we’re meant to go!

This energy is quite intense to work with. But if approached in a balanced way it can pay dividends quickly. Some ancients say it has the ability to give a person a very quick rise in life.

In my case, this has been true to some extent. Depending on what we consider high rise. But I have one piece of advice that will probably serve You. Go towards Rahu but observe this obsessive energy. It is so powerful it has the power to burn You out quickly. So one step at a time.

Now that we know what these mystical heavenly bodies symbolize, let’s look at our relationships. The sources of our greatest happiness and despair. Why we get up in the morning and why we go to bed at night.

So when two people meet each other, their charts mesh. The energies start merging and affecting each other.

This normal, this is what happens every time when we meet someone.

But what makes a relationship karmic?

Rahu and Ketu.

So let’s say I’m a man and my Ketu is in Pisces. I meet a woman who’s Venus is in Pisces.

At first, the powerful pull of Ketu will make me the man want more and more of the woman. Her beauty (Venus) seems like none other, and sex with her feels like it’s sent from God. It seems like You can’t get enough of her. Every text she sends churns something in Your belly.

But in time this energy can fade, Ketu hides things. You will receive less and less of those pleasures that drew You to her at first place.

You can imagine this is not so good in a romantic relationship but can be fine in a different type of relationship.

This does not mean You have to break up but it does mean that You have to know this fact and decide to either live with it or let it go. The power of knowledge.

You can see these celestial bodies can have different influences in different areas of Your life.

In this case, the people in question have a choice to make, to either continue or conclude the karma.

What about a Rahu example?

Let’s say the woman has her Rahu in Leo and the man has his Sun in Leo.

This is, in general, looked at as a positive placement. Obviously, another powerful explosion of energy when these two individuals meet. Every time You see their name a jolt of energy moves through Your body. You don’t know why but You want more and more of that person.

Especially if You are the woman in this situation. You want more and more of his leadership, his masculinity, You see him in a regal light, as a powerful creator in this world. This in return will have him create more and more in this reality when the support and love of his woman are there.

Something that can serve You both in a long-term committed relationship.

In conclusion, it isn’t black and white with Rahu or Ketu. It is dependent on the situation. Especially in close romantic relationships.

This can seem very contradictory but do Your best to look at it objectively.

Knowing that You have karma with a person can make living it out a little easier. Or it can show You the areas where You will have to work harder as a couple.

From a personal perspective(in Your personal life) it will serve You to go towards Rahu and take a more balanced approach in the areas where Ketu resides.

Ian Altosaar

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