The Year 2020 For ESTONIA. Or How To Predict The FUTURE Of Countries?

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This article is a prediction for the next solar year for the country of Estonia.

When making this prediction, I used Solar return, profection, Solar arc.

From various historical and non-historical articles, I picked the most used date and time for the creation of the Republic of Estonia.

The date and time: 24th of February, 5.01 pm, Tallinn, Estonia.

Estonia is now 102 years old. This means the country is in its 7th house profected year, in the sign of Pisces. In this case, we have two year rulers. The traditional ruler, Jupiter in the 10th house and the modern ruler Neptune in the 12th house.

As I’m an astrologer who respects the ancient astrologers and the modern ones, I always look at both. In my experience, it gives the best results.

The main focus is on the 7th house which brings in partnerships and business partnerships. Also, equality and relationships in general. Law and balance.

It is safe to say that the most important part of the country’s year will be focused on creating new relationships, business partnerships. And finding diplomacy (also 7th house) and common ground in the government. As well as with other countries. As of now, the country’s government is divided heavily, much conflict between the president of Estonia, and the two parties in coalition (there are three altogether but the biggest conflict seems to be with the two).

If this can be improved and a more diplomatic approach is taken…

This has the potential to grow Estonia’s social status (ruler of the 7th in the 10th house). In my eyes, if the correct partnerships and approaches are taken by the government in forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other countries, it could prove highly useful for the country’s reputation which has been on shaky ground after the previous election.

It is here I have to mention that Part of Fortune is also triggered, which natally is in the 7th house. Meaning, success for Estonia has to come through partnerships and forming of relationships anyway. As well as showing great diplomatic ability, having a balanced approach in their endeavors. Currently, the government seems to approach things from extreme places. Having very extreme stances on matters of immigration for example. This is not the way to go. A more balanced approach is needed.

The general outlook of the year:

For this, we check the condition of the two rulers of the year. Jupiter is in a powerful position house wise but in Gemini, it is debilitated. It receives a separating square from the Sun, this could mean that the conflict that was brought into this year will be resolved between the leaders of the country in a hidden way. Or that the country’s hidden enemies (Sun rules the 12th house) had some say in this conflict. Or hidden reasons for the conflict. But now it starts to resolve when building stronger relationships and diplomacy. The two rulers of the year Jupiter and Neptune are in applying sextile with each other. This can speak that the year has the potential to actually be really healing for Estonia, for the government (because they rule the 7th and the 10th house), for its social status and image. Neptune is also in its natural 12th house where it can bring more good things, exalted in the sign of Leo. Generally, the outlook of the year is looking positive by profection. Adding to the fact that Mars is trining and sextiling (both positive aspects) both of the year rulers, it should mean that the government has the energy and the initiative to deal with the problems they have. As well as start new projects that show the country in a positive light to its partners.

Now, let us look at the Solar return ruler which is Cancer and the Moon. The Moon is not looking very good, oppositions from Uranus and Mercury from the Solar return 8th house. A sudden crisis with money, we could see a lot of debates with the pension reform. And the reform itself can trigger a crisis. Natally they are coming from the 6th house, so the conflict might arise from the working-class people or the impoverished.

Pluto also sits in the Solar return first house, bringing its influences of power, control, and manipulation to play. The higher octave of Pluto is transformation, so hopefully, the country can turn the power games into positive transformation. Although I believe it’s good to mention here that Pluto rules the natal 3rd house which is media, and the Solar return 5th house which is speculative investments, so Estonia could increase their investments in some speculative areas. Or another way this could play out is that there is more manipulation going on in the media, even emotional manipulation. Also to do with the pension reform. Because a lot of that money is in speculative investments.

In more positive news, the Solar return Moon is in the 9th and 7th houses respectively. These are good house positions for the Moon. Although in Pisces the Moon can be very intuitive, and psychic, it can we too permissive and all allowing at times. Something the leaders of the country have to take into account. Estonia as a whole and the leaders of the government could actually use this spiritual energy to their advantage if they would employ psychics, astrologers, guides on their payroll. They could help to alleviate the conflicts. The Moon receives support from Mercury and the Sun, Neptune as well. But with Neptune, the permissiveness and distorting of the facts could come into play. There will be a lot of focus on different ideologies and teachings during the year. As well as education. Because there is a stellium in this house as well. A stellium is a collection of 3 or more planets in the same house. Again, politics triggered, diplomacy, relationships, and partnerships are truly in the focus this year.

Adding to this is the 2nd stellium in the Solar return 7th house in Capricorn. Natally this is the 5th house. This gives me the indication that we have the potential here for a solution to the conflict in the government but it will not come easily. There will be even more aggression, conflict. And it will last for almost the whole year.

A lot of the focus will be on long term goals of the country as well, also gains. This adds nicely to the fact that there is already an ongoing pension reform (11th house is associated with retirement and gains) which are the gains of the Estonian people. We have the North node sitting very close to the Solar return Ascendant, new innovative solutions are needed and will come with it all. There will be a lot of changes during the year with the reform, and the process will go on longer than everyone expects.

There is an indication for a more positive year but it can come through difficult transformation and take a while before the positive sides reveal themselves.

Some important dates to consider:

Friday, June 5

Sunday, July 5

Monday, November 30

During these dates, many of the things I discussed in this article, for example, the pension reform, can have significant events to do with them. Either something dramatically shifts, a new decision is taken, or a new path is taken entirely. Or during these dates, some news regarding these matters could be shared. Or even some partnerships can dissolve, or transformed in some way. Especially in the government.

Last but not least, Solar arc.

The Moon is entering the 4th house. It will give a taste of what our emotional needs are as a country. As well as the actual boundaries of the country will be an emotional topic. The border with Russia has been a topic that has not been resolved. And this year will give us a glimpse of what is to come. A lot of emotional patriotism can be felt all around, it will be an emotional year for this. Some say we need to be freer and more international with this. Maybe even allow in more foreign cultures. Immigration will be an emotional topic certainly.

Mercury just entered into Gemini, in the 10th, conjunct the MC. This speaks of a new beginning or a new start of what’s to come for Estonia’s social reputation, social status as a nation. We could be very actively exchanging new information with others, releasing new information about how Estonia’s going to be run. Or making connections with other countries that could prove to be commercially beneficial.

That’s it for this year and Estonia.

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