A Slow Descend In The Suburbs

Photo by Behzad Soleimanian on Unsplash

Have the years
Have all the years of discontent and disappointment
Diminished Your love for me?
Or is there still some left?

Have my actions and inactions
Caused Your bitterness?
The hurt I sense from You
Seems like an insurmountable wall
That is dividing our cause

Has the mistrust
You carry around
Smashed our love to the ground?
I’ve found
Pain, when suppressed, turns into discontent
And hate

Your tongue drips of hidden venom
My numbness doesn’t even flinch
I’ve lost the touch
The magic touch that used to get You out of a rut

I’m afraid
Afraid that You are turning into a man
I’m afraid to touch You
Your icy exterior covered in entertainment
Is making me stuff my face with junk

I’m afraid that doom awaits us
Lust suffocated years ago
Still burning but only released in isolation
A slow descend in the suburbs

Ian Altosaar

PS! This piece of creation was inspired by a couple I saw at a gas station. Thank You for inspiring me. And I hope life brings You more freedom.

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