CONVINCING Others Of Your Ideas

Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

Convincing others of Your ideas is only necessary when You don’t believe them enough Yourself and You need others to confirm them to You.

If You are convinced Yourself, then the convincing of others actually just turns into sharing Your ideas.

In that action there is no need to shame or blame other ideas which very often happens when trying to convince others of Your ideas.

Because mostly of Your insecurity and disbelief in Your ideas You need to tear down other people’s ideas so that Your ideas will “win.”

Again, that need will vanish if You fully believe in Your ideas.

Or even looking deeper, if You fully believe in Yourself.

Because when You fully believe in Yourself, You know that all ideas will fail eventually. But You also know that there are an infinite amount of ideas. And with fully believing in Yourself, You can attain those and share them with the world.

So, the actual question isn’t “How do I convince others of my ideas so that I have more confidence in them?”

But rather “Where do I find the deeper confidence within myself?” Or “How do I know the true worth of my being?”

Ian Altosaar

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