Why do Your New Year’s resolutions often fail?

We have all been there – full of excitement on a rooftop party somewhere and yelling our New Year’s resolutions from the top of our lungs out to everyone to hear. But falling short so soon after the promises have been made in front of everyone. Or even waking up the next day and all of them becoming a distant memory… In some cases, putting in the effort for a week or so, and then giving up because there is no time, no energy, or something else distracts us from it. If You fall into those camps, don’t worry. It’s not entirely Your fault. You just weren’t following the natural cycles of nature and WERE following the modern made-up “cycles”. So why do Your New Year’s resolutions often fail?

And what are these “natural cycles” that I’m talking about?

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The natural cycles of the Moon

Whether You like it or not – we are intimately connected to the influences in our Solar system.

The Moon represents our emotions and feelings (among other things), and it also influences the tides of our oceans on planet earth (again, among other things).

If it influences the water in the oceans, and we humans are made of over roughly 60% water – why can’t it influence us directly?

The short answer is – it can, and it does.

The New Moon and The Full Moon

The ancients did everything according to the Moon cycles. From planting crops to conceiving children. Or beginning new things, as well as ending them.

Thank You to a Twitter user whose account I couldn’t find to link for this image for planting with Moon cycles. If You recognize Yourself – please let me know in the comments and I will properly link You!

If it was a start or a new beginning – New Moon.

Seeing something to fruition, completing it or even ending it – Full Moon.

We have lost that connection in our modern society. We think we know everything because we can intellectually understand a small percentage of whatever it is that we are investigating.

This is also one of the reasons why Your New Year’s resolutions often fail – You start them at the wrong time.

The right and wrong time to start something new

It really does make a difference when You start new things!

I want to keep this as simple as possible – the right time to start something new is right after or during the New Moon.

To make it a little bit more technical and precise – the right time to begin something new and specific is when a New Moon is happening in a particular Astrological House in Your natal chart.

And yes – I can make it even more distinct but for the sake of simplicity, I will leave some for us astrologers as well.

Pro Astrologer tip – start new things during or right after the New Moon.

A personal experience with New Year’s resolutions gone wrong

I had to find out about the Moon cycles the hard way.

I had done the unthinkable. After losing my physical form a tad, a New Year’s resolution to get back into shape was made. And also failed quite quickly.

A little later I started getting into astrology. The Moon cycles were one of the first things that I really and truly learned.

I saw a video from an astrologer explaining that there’s a New Moon in Virgo coming up. Supposedly a good time to start new exercise routines.

With my failure freshly in the back of my mind, I still decided to give it a go. I just started running during a simple walk in a park.

Got back into shape a month after that! I’m not kidding You. The change was extremely quick. And the way I was able to keep up with my routines daily – blew my mind.

After that – I was sold. Moon cycles for the win!

Where do things go wrong with New Year’s resolutions?

Don’t get caught up in the hype during New Year’s eve and be pressured to make promises You can’t keep! Be smarter and use the natural cycles of our Solar system!

Not many New Moons fall around New Year’s eve – this is the main problem.

That means if You are saving Your big beginnings and bold promises on that specific day – part of failure has already been imprinted on them.

This is one of the biggest problems why people’s New Year’s resolutions often fail. They don’t carry true weight and aren’t aligned with the Moon cycle.

How can we get better results and just enjoy New Year’s eve as is?

You can conquer the mountain tops with less effort if You start things at the right times!
  • Start with learning about the Moon cycle – like You already did in this article! Great job by the way making it this far.
  • Follow the Moon cycle – here is my favourite free tool to do so.
  • Test my theory out in the real world.
    • I obviously personally know (and so do my clients) that this stuff works but You don’t know yet. So I urge You to conduct an experiment. Follow the guidelines below and take this newly learned wisdom to the streets.

Predictions for the Zodiac signs for Capricorn New Moon 23rd of December 2022

We have a potent New Moon for new beginnings on the 23rd of December 2022 (depending on where You are in the world) in the sign of Capricorn.

This Capricorn New Moon is especially good if You are looking for new beginnings in Your career, work, business, and organizing something.

I will now go through each Zodiac sign individually. And map out which are the particular areas where You personally can start new beginnings.

Start with the Ascendant! And then Sun and Moon signs.


New beginnings in the following areas of Your mission, career, and social status. How You are known in society, Your reputation, public reputation, and business.

The deeds You do in the world, order, structure, organizations, organizing, experience, respect, regulations, rules, duties, and obligations.

Leadership, being an example for others, public service, and also the father.


Fresh and brand new beginnings in the following areas of belief systems, higher education, the connection to something higher, and the connection to God.

Religion, mentors, gurus, knowledge, understanding something deeply, higher purpose, purpose, meaning, the bigger questions in life, philosophy, metaphysics, ideals.

Seeing and understanding the bigger picture, belief, travelling, foreigners, theory, travelling by plane, teachers, academics.

People who inspire others, spiritual wisdom, hope, sacred places, churches, culture, universities, father, the hips.


A good time to start something new in the following areas of esoteric topics, transformation, astrology, tarot, numerology, tantra, crisis,
psychology, death, rebirth.

Communication with the dead, healing, being healed, soulmate connection, intimacy, magic, wonders, miracles, superstition, and power.

Other people’s money and resources from others (money from clients), hidden money, taxes, and insurance.

Secret groups, rituals, the anus, the uterus, the gate between life and death, getting pregnant, pregnancy, and giving birth.

Tragedies, accidents, crises, bankruptcies, rising from the ashes, extremes, traumas, and inheritances.


New beginnings in relationships, marriage, partnerships, agreements, business partners, counselling, law, justice, and balance.

The public, audience, equality, clients, contracts, allies, and promises.

How You see and treat others, bargaining, deal-making, negotiations, the kidneys, 1 on 1 relationships.


NB! This is the best New Moon for all the Leos to give up and cut away addictions! As well as bad habits from their lives! Use it!

Other areas where a fresh start can be potent are conflicts, work, suffering, illness, enemies, debts, being of service, conflicts, divorces, pets, blaming, and criticism.

The people You work with, place of work, poverty, everyone who is in an underprivileged position in society, prostitutes.

Fasting, everyday routines, sinners, working class, addicts, diets, and exercise routines.


A great to start new things in regard to creativity, self-expression, fun, having fun, the heart, children, the first child, romance, sex, and romantic partners.

How You like romance, creative projects, hobbies, riskier investments, drama, and the talents You were born with.

Your natural intelligence, parties, restaurants, and everything glamorous.

Gambling, celebrities, fame, passion for something, self-started businesses, creative arts, acting, politics, charisma, entertainment, theatre, and romantic relationships before marriage.


Libras can have a fresh start with matters of emotional security, emotional foundation, vehicles, real estate, home, deeper emotions,
feelings, and emotions.

Everything to do with water, lakes, rivers, farms, belonging, nurturing, early childhood environment, gardens, and folklore.

The country You were born in, patriotism, foundations, breasts, who are You when You are older, the stomach, and emotional intimacy.


New beginnings for Scorpios with neighbours, speaking, writing, communication, internet, social media, blogs, and marketing.

Relatives, younger siblings, teammates, classmates, small groups of people, self-made wealth, business, and commerce.

What You think about, internal voice, how You learn, learned skills, crafts, skills with hands, teaching skills, and left-brain activities.

Exams, tests, exchanging information, the throat, the throat chakra, media, TV, and Your local environment.


Sagittarius should start new things in regard to food, money (and everything that supports You), material resources, luxury items, and possessions.

Where You invest Your money, how You approach Your money, places You store things, and how You can make money.

Face, lips, voice, self-worth, things that bring You pleasure, the five senses, the things You store or collect.

Family genetics, history, and the 2nd marriage.


NB! For Capricorns, this New Moon is especially potent! New beginnings in all areas of their lives!

A fresh start with Your path in life, Your destiny, Your body, Your life force, movement, starting new things, athletic prowess, Your head, and the first impression You make.


Aquarius can start new things related to other realities and far-away countries, spirituality, meditation, how You rest, Your time off, and how You sleep.

Bed pleasures, angels and supporting beings, other dimensions, ancestors who have left the material plane, spirits, souls, dreams, signs, omens, previous lives, connection with spirits and other beings, invisible worlds, letting go, detachment, liberation, and oneness.

Being in isolation, fantasies, dreaming, psychic gifts, sensitivity, creativity, escaping reality, hospitals, spas, remote locations and islands, prisons, numbness, going out of the body, spiritual guides, and the bedroom.


For Pisces, You have new beginnings in the following areas of long-term goals, big groups and masses of people, friends, incomes, and wages.

Groups, networks, systems, technology, science, bonuses, social causes, material goals, markets, big networks and systems, the skin, and the nervous system.

The economy, social contacts, clubs, profits, titles, medals, prizes, popularity, material achievements, internet, big events, concerts, and dreams.

I learned some of the things mentioned in this article from this book by Andre Barbault, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. But if You decide to get it, I will earn a small commission.

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