A Guide for Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

Saturn is finalizing it’s regulatory stint in the sign of Aquarius that will finish in March 2023. After Aquarius Saturn enters the dissolving Pisces which, as You can see, can bring us quite a contradictory influence. What will Saturn in Pisces bring us this time?

I learned some of the things mentioned in this article from this book by Andre Barbault, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. But if You decide to get it, I will earn a small commission.

I also wrote about an even bigger change that is happening in 2023 here about Pluto.

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What are Saturn and Pisces in Astrology?

Saturn limits wherever it goes. I like to call it the great Gatekeeper.

I need to dissect Saturn and Pisces before I make any predictions. Luckily I have already done so here (Saturn) and here (Pisces). I want to add some additional meanings of Saturn here.

Pisces is the complete opposite of Saturn, it dissolves and flows. It is boundless.
  • Saturn also limits and puts on structures, blockages, and regulations. It is the regulatory force in our society.
  • Saturn represents all sorts of governmental organizations, big structured corporations, and hierarchies.
  • Saturn is slow-moving, minimalistic, cold, and harsh.
  • Work, routine, order, discipline, vigilance, time, physical and manual labour, as well as effort.

When exactly will Saturn be in Pisces?

Saturn’s transit in Pisces dates from 8 March 2023 until 14 February 2026 (Saturn has a short stint in Aries during 2025).

Saturn in Pisces retrograde dates

Saturn’s transit lasts for roughly 2.5 years, does it mean it’s going to be only regulation, blockages, limitations, hardships, and struggles in all areas (and all the time) already mentioned in this blog post?


But there are time pockets where these events will be triggered strongly. And these are shadow periods before and after Saturn goes in and out of retrograde. As well as the retrograde dates.

But generally speaking, Saturn works slowly, and then erupts during specific moments (while going in and out of retrograde or making aspects to other planets).

I will now list the dates of Saturn going retrograde between 2023-2026. The influence can be felt strongly 3 weeks before, and 3 weeks after Saturn goes in and out of retrograde.

Saturn in Pisces retrogrades 2023-2026

18 Jun 2023 – 5 Nov 2023

30 Jun 2024 – 16 Nov 2024

14 Jul 2025 – 29 Nov 2025 (Saturn goes retrograde in the sign of Aries and comes out in Pisces)

Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 societal effects

Saturn regulates (and limits) wherever it goes, and this time, all of the areas represented by Pisces will be under the influence. What are some of the industries that will feel the harsh but firm force of Saturn?

  • The medical industry.
    • Anything to do with v.accines and the aftermath of these will come under the microscope. And stricter rules will be applied to different variations of it.
  • The foreign travel industry.
    • I see these companies struggle after Saturn enters Pisces. Especially ocean or water travel, cruises for example. Saturn will limit their business.
    • Accidents and problems on the sea and with vehicles that operate on sea and oceans.
    • We can see even large ships sinking.
  • The alternative drug industry. Cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, etc.
    • I see an increase in supervision within that industry as well. The eye of the law cracking down on companies in those fields.
  • Unfortunately, Saturn will influence Astrology and all kinds of spiritual services.
    • This can mean bans on social media or some sort of regulatory effort for the industry.
    • Anything related to spirituality, healing, energy healing, etc. – there will be an attempt to discredit, distance, or regulate.
  • Attempt to regulate or stop the scammers (Pisces).
    • I’m also curious about how this will look but with the increase from Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces, scammers have been running rampant. From 2023 – Saturn comes in to regulate and punish them.
  • Tsunamis and other catastrophes on water.
  • Secret bombings, or terrorist attacks increase.
  • Attempt to punish criminals more harshly, a new war on drugs.
  • Breaking (divorce) of famous marriages. This can mean monarchs and royals.
  • Problems in society through illnesses or medicine. These can be the after-effects of the v-s or some other diseases that spread. And then Saturn comes in and tries to regulate and restrict it.
  • Astrologer, Olga Morales pointed out that there’s also a connection between droughts and Saturn in Pisces.

Other industries affected by Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

I need to mention some other important branches within our economy that will be hit harder by Saturn in the next couple of years.

This can mean cutbacks, layoffs, limitations, and restructuring within these fields. The economic downturn will influence these areas more than others.

  • Movie industry (actors will be hit by it in a negative way)
  • Music industry
  • Creative arts industries, designers, creative artists, painters (AI has already started this process)
  • More difficult years for creative people in general – they have to restructure how they work
  • Travel industry
  • Alcohol industry (taxes increase)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • The mushroom and weed industry
  • The Hotel/SPA and leisure industry
  • The gaming industry
  • The drug industry (more regulations, clamping down on criminals)

Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 personal effects

We will feel the following globally as well.

  • Letting go of structure and discipline to a certain extent. In extreme cases – wanting to let go of work, duties, responsibilities, and routines that weigh heavy on us.
    • The theme of letting go will be playing in our global subconscious, as well as for us individually. It will be a fight between the old “I want to control everything” and “I need to rest and recover”.
    • The old ways of doing things start to dissolve.
  • More work and working behind the scenes.
  • We will be forced to rest more. This can come through restrictions in our society. The contradictory part here is that Pisces should also break down some of the older limitations that were forced on us.
  • Issues and problems with feet. A lot of people will experience this. It can mean injuries or not enough blood flowing to them – feet are constantly cold.
  • Escaping from the hardships of life and even society itself will increase.
    • People will have a hard time holding it all together.

The dissolving effects of Saturn in Pisces

As strict as Saturn is it now faces the letting go and disbanding forces of Pisces. But what does that mean and how will it affect us?

  • The “normal” model of working a corporate job will start to disintegrate. Or even carry on disintegrating.
    • People will work more from home and during times they want to.
    • There will be more project-based work that isn’t as limiting.
  • There will be a dismantling of certain governmental organizations, boards, structures, and hierarchical systems.
    • This can be within corporations as well. Bigger departments and the way the companies are run get broken up. It will be a much lighter version of what was.
  • Overturning laws that have been in our society for a while.
  • Dissolving and the destruction of boundaries and borders.
  • Restructuring and reorganizing religious hierarchies and organizations.
    • A lot of the more traditional religions will undergo massive changes to “get with the times”.

Saturn in Pisces and Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, we don’t have data from the last time Saturn was in Pisces (1993.1996, Bitcoin was some years away still) to compare. At best, we can check Bitcoin last time Saturn was in a water sign. Or even mutable.

But before that, how has Bitcoin managed in Aquarius?

Bitcoin in Aquarius in 2020

Jupiter really helped Bitcoin end of 2020.

But how about 2021, Jupiter was still in Aquarius for most of the year.

Bitcoin still had Jupiter helping in 2021 in Aquarius with Saturn.

If You recall, Bitcoin had its epic bull run in 2021.

How has Bitcoin faired in 2022 while in Aquarius?

2022 has not been that great for Bitcoin…

Bitcoin during Saturn in Mutable and Water signs

We don’t have data from the streets for Bitcoin while Saturn was in Pisces the last time. So we have to take the next best thing. Mutability and Water. Just because Pisces is a Mutable Water sign.

This means we have data from Saturn in Scorpio and in Sagittarius. 2012-2017.

Bitcoin during Saturn in Scorpio 2012

Saturn in Scorpio and Bitcoin in 2013

BTC while Saturn was in Scorpio 2014

The Corn (BTC) in 2015 while Saturn was in Scorpio

Bitcoin during Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius 2016

BTC during Saturn in Sagittarius 2017

Remember to take Saturn in Scorpio and Sagittarius data with a grain of salt, it’s still not the same as Saturn in Pisces. At best, it’s a slight indication of what is to come.

Saturn in Pisces throughout history

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 21 May 1993 – 7 April 1996.

And even before that 25 March 1964 – 3 March 1967. What were the main themes during those years?

1993 with Saturn in Pisces

Source: https://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1993.html

  • Pentium microprocessor introduced.
  • Islamic Fundamentalists bomb World Trade Center.
  • US and Russia sign the Start II treaty.
  • Federal Agents raid religious a cult in Waco TX.
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Japan. A devastating tsunami, caused by an earthquake off Hokkaido, Japan kills 202 on the small island of Okushiri. (Pisces represents the Oceans.)
  • Brush Fires destroy the world’s second-largest national park, Royal National Park, in Australia.
  • Ethnic fighting between Muslims and Croats in Bosnia.
  • In technology, the first bagless vacuum cleaner is invented.

1994 with Saturn in Pisces

Source: https://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1994.html

  • Northridge Earthquake San Fernando Valley.
  • Channel Tunnel opens. After many years the English Channel opened joining England to France for the first time, this year also marks the 50th Anniversary of the Allied landings in France and the beginning of the end of the Second World War.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa.
  • Estonia sinks in the Baltic sea.
  • First Satellite Digital Television Service Launched.
  • Civil War in Rwanda.
  • Tensions start over the Inspection of Nuclear Plants in North Korea.
  • Rover in the UK is purchased by BMW.
  • In the US the First Genetically Engineered Tomatoes become available and the use and sale of GM Foods is approved.

1995 with Saturn in Pisces

Source: https://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1995.html

  • Windows 95 was released.
  • Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing.
  • Nerve Gas attack Tokyo Subway.
  • Barings Bank collapses.
  • After a NATO bombing campaign against Serb artillery, the Balkans War comes to an end and a cease-fire is agreed upon.
  • In technology, Javascript is seen and used for the first time (only 10 years later very few websites do not have some form of Javascript running ).

1996 with Saturn in Pisces

Source: https://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1996.html

Remember, Saturn was in Pisces only during the first part of 1996.

  • IBM’s Deep Blue defeats Chess Champion Gary Kasparov.
  • Centennial Olympic Park.
  • Atlanta Nail bomb.
  • Dunblane Massacre.
  • Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal to be successfully cloned.
  • Mad Cow Disease BSE kills humans in England, causing the mass slaughter of Herds of Cows and new laws to stop beef being sold on the bone.
  • In the UK Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales get divorced.
  • A severe Meningitis Epidemic occurs in West Africa.
  • In technology, DVDs are Launched in Japan and the number of users on the Internet exceeds 10 million.
  • This is also the year eBay and Ask Jeeves started.

1964 was an especially eventful year.

Some highlights are quoted from The Atlantic.

1964 was an eventful year — a half-century ago, humans were making strides toward space travel beyond the Earth’s orbit, and Tokyo hosted the 18th Summer Olympics. The Beatles took America by storm, as Race Riots gripped big cities — and the the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law. Boxer Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali and the heavyweight champion of the world. Cyprus devolved into civil war between Turks and Greeks, and President Lyndon Johnson escalated U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. This is the first of five entries focusing on events of the year 1964 this week (and next Monday). Later entries will feature images from civil rights struggles in the U.S., Beatlemania, Alaska’s Good Friday earthquake, and the New York World’s Fair.


A couple of important themes for our current times:

  • Riots or revolutions in civil rights matters.
  • Escalation of the Vietnam War.
  • A civil war between Turks and Greeks in Cyprus.
  • The advancements in Space travel.

Some of You might already understand where I’m going with this…

1965 with Saturn in Pisces

Here’s a nice list quoted from thepeopleshistory.com

  1. Race Riots Break Out In Watts, California leaving large parts of the city burnt and looted and 34 dead.
  2. Northeast blackout including Parts of Canada and the U.S. North East.
  3. St. Louis, Missouri, the 630-foot-tall parabolic steel Gateway Arch is completed ( The St Louis Arch ).
  4. The Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote becomes law.
  5. The Gemini Space Program continues into 1965 and lay the groundwork for an eventual manned mission to the moon.
  6. The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak on April 13th: An estimated fifty-one tornadoes (forty-seven confirmed) hit six Midwestern states.
  7. The popular daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives” debuted on NBC.
  8. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads civil rights march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery.
  9. Malcolm X was shot in New York.
  10. Lyndon B. Johnson announces his program to create Medicare and to expand his war on poverty.

Similar themes continue. Riots (or revolution), space travel, etc.

1966 with Saturn in Pisces

We are truly gearing up for a revolutionary time – especially considering Pluto in Aquarius at the same time.

  1. Anti-Vietnam War Protests from 1963 to 1966.
  2. Miranda Rights come into being after the Supreme Court overturns the conviction on June 13th of a confessed rapist.
  3. Aberfan disaster in South Wales a slag heap from the local coal mine slid down Merthyr Mountain.
  4. The U.S. Department of Transportation is created.
  5. The name Mini-Skirt is attributed to Mary Quant who also went on to popularize hot pants in later years.
  6. NASA launches Lunar Orbiter 1, the first U.S. spacecraft to orbit the Moon.
  7. Soviet Union Lands Luna 9 on the Moon in February and the US follows on June 2nd with the Surveyor 1 soft moon landing.
  8. Ronald Reagan enters politics on June 7th becoming governor of California.

Another important piece of information for us lies here.

1966 inflation grew as part of the effect to fund the war in Vietnam continued. Both the US and USSR continued in their space race to see who would be the first to land a man on the moon. Race riots continued to increase across cities in America and National Guards were needed to bring back law and order.


I belive we are going to see history repeat itself. Only this time it’s the West against R.ussia. And the billionaire space race!

Saturn in Pisces 2023 – 2026 predictions for the Zodiac signs

In which areas in our lives will we feel Saturn’s transit the strongest? Read the personal predictions to find out! NB! Start with the Ascendant, then Sun and Moon in no particular order. What will Saturn in Pisces bring the signs individually?

Wherever Saturn goes in our lives we must limit and yet master that area. It will be noticeably heavy but we must take on the challenges that Saturn brings to our doorstep.

Complaining or trying to get out of Your duties will not work. Saturn requires us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. And in a serious manner.

Saturn wants (in its own backward ways) for You to become a master at something. This requires effort, patience, vigilance, and constantly showing up.

If You don’t do these things = it will seem Saturn is punishing You. But in truth, You will get what You sow. Saturn is Karma. Act properly = You will get the results. Act poorly = and Saturn will make You restructure that area of Your life.


Letting go of structure, and routines, controlling everything, and having everything go like You want to – a theme You must master. This will be especially difficult if You are used to quite a “tight shift”. Saturn will bring animosity into Your life (even fights) if You don’t learn to let go.

Subconscious patterns and their suppression is another theme You must be aware of. Issues and deep underlying problems will be forced to the surface. Of course, You will want to suffocate them even more – but the point here is to get these issues under control.

You will be forced to rest and at best, work behind the scenes. If possible, use the best of both worlds. Find a way to be more of a silent partner in ventures, as well as – do nothing. If You have gotten the hang of “doing nothing” in the next couple of years – Saturn will be pleased with You.


Your goals, dreams, and long-term goals want more of Your effort. You need to get Your hands greasy and really dig in on how to achieve the targets that You have set for Yourself. Most things will move slowly in regard to these matters. And at times, it will seem like You are taking two steps backward while only one forward. This is normal with Saturn in the 11th house.

Friends will ask for Your help, and out of duty You will feel obliged to help them. With some of them, there will be less time and more distance between You. Something You will have to accept for the time being. Mostly because You will be working so hard to achieve Your material goals.

Attracting elders or older people into Your circle during Saturn in Your 11th house is also a common theme.


Heavy duties and responsibilities in Your career and working life (can be Your own business if You are self-employed). This can be a more demanding role or a promotion that requires You to sacrifice Yourself for the greater good. But the workload will increase regardless.

Stern bosses enter Your life who demand a lot from and of You. Without a lot of praise. Here You need to buckle up and do as Your told. Otherwise, problems will ensue.

In some instances, Saturn can also block working or work itself. So You might find Yourself either flipping through different jobs or taking part-time offers here and there. Or not getting interviews when You want them.

Helping out (when You really don’t want to) one of the parents is also a high probability during this Saturn transit in Your 10th house.


Older and wiser mentors will enter Your life. They will want more from You, and at times seem cold and distant. It is important here to accept their orders and abide by their wisdom – it will help You create the results that You desire. And Your belief systems will change!

Often this happens because You decide to start a new course, webinar, or even re-enter university. There is a lot to learn and study. For some of You, new roles in teaching others are also a probability. If You are thinking about publishing something during this transit – it will take a lot of effort from Your end, and the workload increases drastically.

Life and the world, in general, can seem quite bleak during Saturn’s transit in Your 9th house. Hard to believe in anything positive and Your belief systems take on a more practical undertone.

For some Cancers, legal problems that drag on and on are simultaneously a probability.


Partner’s resources and material assets coming from others (clients, banks, investors, etc.) will be limited in the next 2,5 years. You will have to manage it properly and if You are Your own boss – invest Your money back into the business wisely.

It is a matter of mastering areas like bookkeeping, investing, and managing resources and money.

Deep and painful wounds internally now require more attention, and it can take a long time to unravel some of these hurts. Give Yourself time.

There’s less time for intimacy with the partner which provokes You to set up routines for more alone time for the two of You.


Relationships can now seem more like work than anything else. Your partner takes on extra duties and responsibilities and has less time for You. In any case, problems in Your marriage and/or relationships tend to creep in when Saturn is transiting Your 7th house. Allow time for these things to work themselves out.

At times, You will find Yourself detaching from certain people and creating more distance. The same can be said about Your partners. Relationships and even business partnerships can be cold and very practical.

If You are working on deals or forming new partnerships – know that from 2023-2026 they will bring You more obligations. This can include material rewards yes but not without Your own personal will and effort.


Work and lots of it are now coming Your way. It is something You will have to deal with. No whining, only good old-fashioned hard work.

There’s a tendency to take on loans or mortgages with Saturn transiting the 6th house. At times these can be forced or there’s nothing You can do about it. But if the situation permits, evaluate the opportunities from a grounded perspective.

Daily duties and responsibilities also increase. These can be associated with an extra baby coming to the family or other similar events in life that ask more from You each and every day. At times, this can seem like a lot.

Restructuring Your days, routines, diets, and health habits – this You must do. And allow Yourself the time, You will have to refocus, restructure, and reorganize many times during the 2,5 years to get the results that You actually need. Issues and problems with health can last longer while Saturn is in Your 6th house.


You will be putting lots of effort into Your personal business and/or creative projects. But don’t expect quick returns. You will want to give up many times during this 2,5 year Saturn transit in Your 5th house. But if You really want to make it on Your own or as a freelancer – You need to push through the difficult times and restructure Your business on multiple occasions.

Not much time for sex, dating, or going out to have fun when You are focused on “making it” or on Your business. You will have to deal with that. As well as structure the times when You take breaks to enjoy Yourself. And even that will seem like work at times…

During this heavy transit, there will be times when all seems grey and nothing seems to bring You joy. The acceptance of that is key. Only through that, You will start to develop a more mature way of interacting with life.

Extra duties with children (new children coming in or with existing ones) and lovers take Your time (and unfortunately fun) away from You.


Emotionally a heavy time for the usually upbeat Sagittarius. The time to develop emotional mastery is nigh and there’s no escape from it.

This can come through duties and responsibilities with Your family – having to take care of someone or just extra errands to run. Or even remodeling or fixing things around the house. This can seem like an endless stream of work coming Your way. Another possibility is purchasing a “fixer-upper” and spending Your time on that project.

The more negative side of this transit is emotional pains and wounds coming to the surface from childhood. This will require therapy, meditation practices, and practically working on Your happiness and safety.

A strained or distant relationship with the mother and/or other members of the family is a common theme as well.

I recorded a video on Saturn in the 4th house here. Hopefully, it will help You through this heavy time.


Are the skills You have acquired getting in between the cogs of time? Are You thinking about taking on and starting to study a new and practical skill? If not, Saturn will bring the need for it, and You will have to do it anyway. Honestly, it’s better to initiate it Yourself by taking on a new venture. Maybe it’s programming, writing, or speaking? Or something else entirely but take the bull by the horns and get going from March 2023.

Those of You who are already in the fields of communication, writing, speaking, and teaching – You will have much more work to do.

Many meetings, driving around from location to location, and short-term travel to the point of being fed up with it – are also areas You need to master and put the effort in.

Issues and duties with relatives and/or brothers-sisters will crop up. You might need to help them in some shape or form.

Difficulties in communication and conversation – people not hearing You or interrupting You are also regular occurrences with Saturn transiting the 3rd house.

I recorded a video on Saturn in the 3rd house here. Although at times painful, Saturn does relatively well in the end in the 3rd house.


Saturn enters Your house of money and finances for the next 2,5 years (from March 2023). This will mean restructuring the way You make money, the way You handle or invest it, and what You do with it in general.

When Saturn transits this financial house it is better to have extra savings and a more minimalistic approach to spending. Where can I limit myself (or are outer circumstances limiting me – losing some sort of income stream?)? Where do I have to budget more? Investments that are tried and true do much better (but the return is still smaller) than riskier. Staying away from any type of high-risk scenarios while Saturn is in this specific house is best!

It will be hard work to prove Your worth in the marketplace, and internally You might even be doubting Your internal value. You might be tempted to lower Your fees or take less money for Your services. Think twice but if the situation requires it – You have to do what You have to.


A sense of heaviness will enter with Saturn entering Your first house. This can involve outer-world duties or a more internal sense of responsibility. Or even both. A new level of accountability is required of You for the next 2,5 years.

This can leave You physically drained on occasion, even lacking energy. Hair going or showing signs of grey. Wrinkles start to appear – You will start to show signs of aging (at whichever point in Your life this transit happens). Do less and less often but keep going every day – this should be Your motto for the next years.

You can also take on a more important role somewhere in Your life. That will force You to approach life in a much more profound way. For those of You who this is age appropriate – You can take on the role of the wise elder.

I learned some of the things mentioned in this article from this book by Andre Barbault, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. But if You decide to get it, I will earn a small commission.

Listen to the podcast about Saturn in Pisces where we have even more predictions for You!

For other articles involving Saturn through the houses click here.

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