YOUR responsibility

If You are an adult somewhere over the age of 18:

YOU being triggered = YOUR responsibility

YOU feeling something about something or someone = YOUR responsibility

YOU not liking something = YOUR responsibility

YOU making a decision = YOUR responsibility

YOU getting into a relationship (business or pleasure) = YOUR responsibility

The government making decisions YOU don’t like = YOU electing them, and not taking the responsibilities YOURSELF (don’t give me that lizardmen bullshit = make changes, adjust, move, build businesses, create and make something better, stop being a bitch about these matters, YOU are much stronger that this)

SOMEONE ELSE doing something YOU don’t like = YOUR responsibility

Don’t like the work that YOU are doing = YOUR responsibility

Don’t like the spouse YOU are with = YOUR responsibility

Before YOU go blaming the pie company for YOUR burned pies, check Yourself if You are going full on Karen, and understand that YOU are an adult capable of making decisions. And YOUR mommy or daddy (or the spiritual teacher, or the government) ain’t going to come to YOUR rescue.

Ian Altosaar

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